The operation of the mystery, the full range of gap!Speed up your metabolism?Wu Xi’s words may be the gist

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China’s men’s national football team lost 3-1 to Vietnam in the 8th round of the Asian Group stage of the World Cup qualifier, handing Vietnam its first victory in the round of 12 in a humiliating defeat.On a festive Spring Festival day, Chinese football fans were disappointed.Perfect design to guide the team’s lee look from the starting lineup, Li Xiaopeng guidance intentions still obviously, he made 433 discharge of the starting line-up, the two other leaders being Chen ming-shu goalkeeper zhang linpeng YanJunLing, defence + + + Wang Shen super Zhu Chen jie, midfielder xuxin + Wu Xi + Dai Weijun, forward two domestication Alan + los national wealth, lei as start.This starting lineup is to tell the fans: they want to attack!Want to play with three sharp attacking players hoping to score more goals.Through the advantage of the offensive players in the front field, the Vietnamese team was suppressed.But the perfect design because of the two sides of the defensive errors, let the national foot early into the passive.Do you believe that zhang Linpeng and Wang Shenchao, who are the top defensive players in China, are the first to become the breakthrough point of Vietnam?After only 7 minutes, The Vietnamese team attacked from the right side. Zhang Linpeng, as a right back at the moment, unexpectedly retreated to the penalty area, allowing the Vietnamese team to calmly reverse the triangle back pass, start to pass the ball under no one’s guard, and what’s more incredible is: the Vietnamese team, which is inferior in height, can head the ball around and win the ball!The head team of the national football team was hit by a conventional way like this!And he was knocked over on the ground!Is it confrontation?The second ball, two people hit the wall with, unexpectedly tore open the whole defense of the left side of the National football Team?Have to say, the national football team two defensive backs, has been in the domestic top, but still the enemy but Vietnam’s attack.Plus a central defender who played well in the first few rounds, just like that!This is no longer a tactical problem, it has risen to another level: a real gap problem!Look at the third missed goal, a transition in the midfield, a long shot from 30 meters away, rebound?Vietnam had four shots on target and scored three goals.As the door yan Junling, this game, after the game also became the eye of the storm fans talk!On ability, Yan Junling is indeed enough to become the first level of the national football team!Originally thought our national football team’s strongest link is the goalkeeper’s position on the steady, brave, look at their league every save can make the stadium full of applause, but this time, they became the Vietnamese fans waving the background plate to celebrate!Such a goal should not be dropped!Offensive end: do not understand the operation of Alain luo Guofu dai Weijun in the first half, although the number of front court players, but did not get effective midfield support, even sent luo Guofu and Alan, the two of the collective fight, but there is no midfield support, also fell into a single battle.Lo guofu’s spirit is unspoken, but it is only in the roar of closing down the Vietnamese players after the fall.Wu Lei, this game continues the downturn, fans comments: Wu Lei?I don’t know if it is because of his role as a substitute for so long that he seems to have forgotten the sense of football on the court. If the match against Japan was due to their outstanding defensive ability, how about the match against Vietnam?Wu Lei is still invisible!Dai Wei-jun is a rare bright spot!Can take, dare to take, can dash, but a Dai Weijun can not help the national football team.More people do not understand is “Liao Hua when the striker”?This magical operation?Yu Dabao is young that moment, can be used as a striker indeed, and can also be used as a blessing of the National football team, but in the league, he has been transformed into a defender, remember the top 40 competition, when he inserted a shot, outrageous shot off the scene, he had to bow!And now he’s being used as a forward?Of course, There is no denying that Li Xiaopeng guided Xu Xin to score: Li Xiaopeng’s adjustment in the second half did have a certain effect!Their substitution and error correction did play a certain effect, and they scored a face-saving goal at the last minute, but it’s hard to understand: facing a dense defense, why not bring Tan Long in this game?Using the tall center to crush the opposition?Such a mystery of the operation, people do not understand, may have another reason!No midfield support, no guidance, wide crosses, no high points in the middle.No short pass penetration, more no intense head-to-head!In such a game, it’s normal to lose!Perhaps such a defeat, let the National football team also really recognize their positioning: the National football team is not so strong as imagined.Even though we played the best player in the country, we still lost!Wu Xi’s words: really key Wu Xi Wu Xi after the game, Wu Xi accepted an interview simply summed up the game: 1, I’m sorry!We did not limit good opponents, we also made adjustments in the second half, did not grasp the opportunity, I am sorry!2, very disappointed!Sorry fans, in the future down to earth good training!Perhaps this is the real point: practice well!Really understand the gap between themselves and Asian teams!Acknowledging this reality is probably more real than puffing up your face and being fat!Asian ranking is just a past, do a good job in the present, step by step it!Metabolism Zhu Chenjie dai Wei jun national football team has been out, but there are 2 matches in the top 12, then the focus of the next to consider the future!Let the young people to play, let Wu Shaocong they, let the high wing they, let Yan Dinghao they to carry the heavy task!Since the die has been cast, then really throw away the existing, such a casserole thoroughly upset, reshuffle the deck!Think of any team that hasn’t experienced the slow metabolism of the new generation after the retirement of the veteran after the peak and that’s the tricky question right now.I hope such a reform, can let Chinese football usher in a thorough rebirth!Chinese football, come on!