Sponsored bakery brand Foamy Foamy has gone private and increased its online business by 29%

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To get increments, play private domain first.Foamy Foamy, known as “Hangzhou’s most in dessert network red shop”, realized this as soon as possible. After cooperating with You, Foamy
Foamy officially started the private battlefield and realized the one-stop operation of the three stores with the help of Youzan, which rapidly increased the overall customer unit price by 25%, obtained an online business increment of up to 29%, and the repurchase rate exceeded 30%.By dismantling Foamy
In the private domain marketing mode of Foamy, it is not difficult to find all kinds of clever thoughts contained in the private domain layout of Youzan. Among them, the practical cases of membership operation, value storage and gift giving, cross-border joint name and other kinds of play can be a mature template for the bakery industry to enter the private domain.Foamy
Foamy’s first step is to create a one-stop operation of three stores through Youzan, which integrates online shopping mall, take-out delivery and sit-down ordering.During the epidemic period, the offline turnover has decreased, and online shopping mall sales can break through the regular store operation time, more in line with the current consumption habits of customers, and save the commission of the platform.At the same time, with the help of online shopping mall group, live broadcast and other activities, can also better reach customers, enhance customers’ desire to buy, further stimulate consumption.With the opening of various distribution methods such as same-city distribution and national express delivery, the order coverage has been expanded from the surrounding 3 kilometers to the whole country, successfully obtaining the double increment of time and space.In order to enhance user stickiness and increase re-purchase rate, the “like” is also Foamy
Foamy developed a membership marketing program.Brand online shopping mall will regularly issue exclusive discounts for members, attract customers to sign up for membership through coupons, and the monthly increase of membership is 200%.At the same time, the online mall will continue to reach members through the details page, order page, payment page and other channels to attract members to consume and increase the re-purchase rate.At present, the brand receives an average of 1,400 + member coupons every month, and the number of new orders is 200+.*Foamy Foamy team up with likes to do private Foamy
Foamy’s third goal is to lock in customers’ future consumption cycles and increase overall unit prices.The brand carries out the activity of “value saving and gift”. For example, 50 points will be given if the value is 500, and the points obtained from the value saving can be exchanged for coupons, drinks or equity cards.Through the promotion of value storage activities in stores, customers can be successfully attracted to the online store, so that customers can apply for membership online, store value, and enjoy membership privileges regularly.The store value discount locks in the next consumption cycle of members, thus increasing the overall customer unit price by 25%.In order for brands to become bigger and stronger, influence and popularity on social platforms are essential.Foamy
Dani, the founder of Foamy, is one of the chefs in the third season of “Twelve Feng Tastes”. Youzan takes advantage of this opportunity to help the brand build the personal IP of dani, the founder of the brand, and takes this IP as the core to carry out cross-border joint name with other cutting-edge brands, participate in the creative market, and carry out little red book content with goods and so on.Omni-channel exposure can enhance the brand’s voice, exchange for customer recognition, and accumulate a group of loyal fans, so as to promote the sales of gaoke’s unit price products and keep the re-purchase rate above 30%.* Promote brand voice through cross-brand co-branding, market and other omni-channel marketing
Foamy also managed the order inventory management system of four stores, realizing the integration of online and offline inventory, greatly improving inventory accuracy and inventory turnover.In addition to preventing oversold, it can also guide customers to purchase across stores, and facilitate mutual communication between stores and online and offline to reduce lost orders.From sales channel, membership operation to brand marketing, Youzan helps Foamy
Foamy built a complete private domain operating system.At a time when bricks-and-mortar stores are suffering, growing privately may be the bakery industry’s best bet.Foamy
Foamy’s success story may give bakers more to think about.Disclaimer: the market has the risk, the choice needs to be careful!This article is for reference only, not for sale basis.