Spend 130,000 yuan to buy a second-hand luxury car, but when selling the car was told the accident, the merchant lost more than 400,000 yuan

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Many cash-strapped people opt for a used car when buying a car, but the used car market is so crowded that even if you’re careful, you can get ripped off.Recently, the news that a woman who bought a second-hand car in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, was sentenced to return the car at a loss of three to one, has become a hot topic on the Internet. Many netizens have commented on the news, with some saying they do not know whether to envy or sympathize with her.A Kunshan woman, Surnamed Zeng, bought a used Lexus from a local 4S shop in 2019 for 134,000 yuan.After more than a year of driving, Zeng wanted to sell the car because her family also needed money. But when she sold the car, she was told that it had been involved in a serious traffic accident and the second-hand car was worth only 80,000 yuan.Ms. Zeng couldn’t believe her ears. When she bought the car, the dealer had promised that there had been no major accidents or structural damage.I have been driving for more than a year and have not had a traffic accident. Why would a businessman say so?In order to find out the truth of the matter, Ms. Zeng drove to the 4S shop where she bought the car and asked the other side for an explanation.However, the 4S store firmly denied that the car had been involved in a major traffic accident, and said that they had checked online before buying the car and could not find any purchase records of parts.Angered by the attitude of the merchants, Ms. Zeng filed a lawsuit in court.The court conducted an appraisal of Ms. Zeng’s car and found that it had not only been involved in a major traffic accident, but also was suspected of being ambulate.At that time this car happened at the end of the road last time, the place such as the head appeared serious damage, the fixed loss amount of insurance company is 140 thousand yuan, the residual value of the vehicle is more than 100 thousand.The maintenance cost of the vehicle obviously exceeds the remaining value of the car, which is uneconomical for both the insurance company and the owner.The car was eventually bought by the insurance company and the money was paid directly to the owner.The court said that in the process of selling used cars on behalf of the dealer, it is necessary to investigate the condition and performance of the car, and whether there has been a serious traffic accident, and to tell consumers the truth about the situation.However, in the car purchase contract, the merchant promised that the car had no major traffic accidents and no structural damage. The court considered that the 4S shop had committed fraud.During the investigation, the vehicle’s odometer was also found to be abnormal.When the car was repaired in the last 4S shop, the mileage had reached 75,000 kilometers, but when Ms. Zeng bought it, the total mileage was only more than 60,000 kilometers, which is suspected of adjusting the meter.After the final trial, the court ruled that the 4S shop should refund Ms. Zeng more than 134,000 yuan for the car purchase, and compensate three times the total loss of more than 400,000 yuan.The incident quickly became a top search, with many netizens commenting on the incident.Some netizens said that the second-hand car industry is very deep water, buy accident car from time to time.Triple damages are rare, and even if they are, the road to recovery is long.Others said the court’s decision was positive and gave many owners confidence on the road to protect their rights.Whether you buy a new car or a used one, you should not swallow your pride when your car has quality problems. You can use the law to protect your legitimate rights and interests.