QA of “Blue Push” set of tokens grouping and related issues

2022-07-26 0 By

Blizzard friends good afternoon!You all have a lot of questions about how the team set and the upgrade set work, and hopefully these answers will clarify some of the questions you’ve raised over the last few days.Q. Should we expect to see similar grouping of categories (protectors, victors, conquerors) on tokens as we have in the past?Ps: This classification is still the name of those exchangers in the past and has nothing to do with PVP.A. We like the performance of the four groups and three classes, so we won’t go back to conqueror/victor/protector.The intention here is that each token has a theme link and a variety of people who can use it.Our token classification this time is: Mysterious – Druid/Hunter/mage reverence – Paladin/priest/Shaman extreme – Monk/Thief/warrior terror – Demon Hunter/Death knight/warlock Q.How many set tokens will a group drop?A. For epic team replicas containing 20 eligible players, A Boss will drop 2 set tokens.In the case of normal or heroic scale teams, 10 loot eligible players will see one, and 30 loot eligible players will get three.Q. can set tokens be traded if I get an item of the same (or higher) item level?Can set tokens be traded without limit?A. You need A soulbound item of the same level or higher to trade level items.The same applies to tokens.Q. How is the level of shards in Grand Secret determined?After completing a +15 rice, we will get 278 loot in the low save, so does that mean the set will be 278 in the low save as well?A. yes.Item levels are equivalent to the level of items you earn through effort in various game systems.Q. what is the item level of the level component after the process is complete when creating a set of items using the creation platform?Does it have the same level as the items thrown into the creation platform, or does the item level range align with the levels of random, normal, hero, and epic items?A. The level of the item you put the catalyst in.It also retains epic /PVP upgrade paths, third attributes, and slots.Q. Can the level set items created by the creation platform be upgraded, or do you need to recreate the level using the base parts of a higher level item?A. You’ll want to remake it with A higher level base piece, unless the original version has PVP or rice upgrade paths, and you get the currency to allow it to upgrade that way.Q. How does the creational-chemical platform work?A. Creativemark is used relatively infrequently at first (once A week), and then acquired more quickly as patches move into the future.These values will accelerate over time, and eventually you’ll have a chance to use them every other day.