Pingyi County “Anti-epidemic” theme art Exhibition No. 38 (Calligraphy)

2022-07-26 0 By

At present, the whole county is earnestly implementing the deployment requirements of the central government, the province, the city and the county on epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control.The Publicity Department of the County Party Committee, the Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Bureau of Culture and Tourism, the Media Center and the Spiritual Civilization Construction Service Center organized literary and art workers to carry out literary and art works themed “anti-EPIDEMIC”, and contributed their literary and art strength to comprehensively winning the battle against the epidemic with cultural strength and artistic responsibility.This issue of pingyi County calligrapher association Yang Guangsen, Pang Huaqing, Li Xiaoguang and other members of the calligraphy works.Yang Guangsen, Pang Huaqing, Li Xiaoguang, ZHANG Xiancai, Xu Chuanguo, Jiang Kun, LI Wei, Guan Lu, Clean Wei, Guo Hui, Hu Guixue, Lu Nan, Sun Shaohai, Dou Jianwei, Zeng Xianwei, Editor: Xu Long, Jiang Kun, Review: Li Fuji