Happy town dispatchers ready to launch “epidemic” road tracking

2022-07-26 0 By

In the epidemic prevention and control work, there is such a group of heroes, 24 hours in the Xiangfang district zhizi epidemic prevention platform command center, staring at the computer screen, not a moment to relax, they are a group of silent pay, race against time “scouts”.Zhang Chaoyang and Zhang Wenbo are among them. In the face of repeated attacks of the epidemic, as the “old man” who has participated in the dispatching work for many times, Zhang Chaoyang volunteered to lead the “new man” Zhang Wenbo to assume the scheduling work of the close connection investigation and transfer of happiness town.”Who else are you traveling with?””Where else have you been these last few days?”…Zhang Chaoyang is conducting careful telephone inquiries on the close contacts, sub-close contacts and medium-high risk visitors from the smart epidemic prevention platform to ensure that every stream information is true and reliable.”After screening out the contacts with overlapping tracks, we will immediately conduct verification and screening, and report the information to the district Prevention and control Office. After reporting the information, the villages and communities of the contacts will strictly implement relevant prevention and control measures for the contacts, and the isolation control team will transfer the contacts to the centralized isolation point within four hours.”Zhang wenbo said.Zhang Chaoyang and Zhang Wenbo were on call 24 hours a day, sticking to the command center and staring at the computer and mobile phone screens to ensure that the first and second secret risk personnel were sent to the village and community in the first time, and informed the staff to take corresponding control measures immediately.The Shuzhi epidemic prevention platform in Xiangfang District effectively controlled the spread of the epidemic by efficiently and accurately screening people at risk and sharing information through the linkage of various departments through functions such as one battle in three battles, big data investigation, and flow connection.”With the use of the Shuzhi epidemic prevention platform, the screening of risk personnel is more efficient and accurate, and we do not need to collect multiple data repeatedly, so we can spend time on the edge of the virus race against the clock!”Zhang chaoyang said.Rapid implementation of the control of close contacts, sub-close contacts and people from medium-high risk areas is a key part of winning the battle against the epidemic.Focusing on key groups and areas, The town adopted the verification mechanism of “big data + flow adjustment” to carry out accurate and efficient dispatching work, ensuring that no one is missed and no blind spots are left in the screening and control, and building a solid “iron wall” for epidemic prevention and control.