Great Wall sold more than 110,000 vehicles in January, with mixed performance from its five brands

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Great Wall Motor sold 111,778 new cars in January, down 19.59% from the same period last year, according to production and sales data released by the company.Among them, Hafu, Wei brand as well as the Great Wall pickup and other brands have shown a different range of decline.The drop of nearly 20 per cent in January from a year earlier was caused by chip shortages that limited factory capacity and repeated outbreaks that affected production at Great Wall’s Tianjin plant.In January, Hafer brand sales fell 25.66% year on year to 70,228 units, accounting for 62.8% of Great Wall’s total sales, down 5.1 percentage points year on year.This means that after the strategic adjustment, Great Wall Motor gradually gets rid of its over-dependence on Haval brand and realizes the full flowering of multiple brands, and its ability to resist risks is further enhanced.Among them, Haf H6 continued to rank first in China’s monthly SUV model rankings with 35,570 units sold in January, despite strong challenges from competitors including Changan CS75 series and BYD Song.In addition to the Haval H6, the Haval Big Dog and the newly launched Haval God Beast also had good market performance, with sales of 7,826 and 10,085 units respectively in January.The starting price of Hafu God Beast has reached 130,000 yuan and the main sales model is positioned in the range of 150,000 yuan, and the value of the promotion has become Hafu.In addition, Hafu brand will launch the second model of Hafu dog category hafu Cool dog this year, which is expected to help hafu brand sales to a higher level.Like The Haval brand, Wei brand and Great Wall saw varying declines in January, with sales falling 15.03% and 42.23% year-on-year to 5,098 and 12,860 units, respectively.In contrast, the independent tank brand, which was launched in April last year, continued to sell well and exceeded 10,000 units.The tank brand sold 10,363 units in January, up 72.2 percent from the same month last year, data showed.Currently, the panzer 300 is still in short supply.In the field of new energy, Great Wall motor’s first month performance is still very solid.Great Wall sold 13,781 new energy vehicles in January, up 33.8 percent year on year, data showed.The Euler brand sold 13,229 units in January, up 28.94% from the same period last year.Without the constraints of a chip shortage, the brand’s sales growth would have been even stronger in the first month of the year.Chinese media reported that orders for Euler’s White cat and Ouscreen Cat have been suspended due to chip shortages and other factors.In January this year, sales of the two models were not high, while sales of the Euler Feline reached 9,020 units, up 333.4 percent year on year.In addition, thanks to the technology accumulation of Great Wall Motor in the field of new energy and automobile intelligence, 2022 will become the time point for Great Wall Motor to make full efforts in the new energy market, and also a big year for Great Wall Motor to launch intensive new energy products.Among them, Euler brand will launch in this year, including ballet Cat, Punk Cat and Lightning cat and other new models;Wei brand will launch plug-in hybrid models such as Mocha DHT PHEV and Latte DHT PHEV this year, fighting in the middle and high-end hybrid market together with macchiato DHT PHEV already listed.In the next few years, lemon hybrid DHT and other technologies will be gradually applied to other brands of products, further accelerating the pace of Great Wall’s transition to electrification.According to the company’s previous plan, new energy products will account for 80% of the total by 2030.In addition to achieving substantial growth in the new energy vehicle market, overseas markets have also become another growth point for Great Wall.In the first month of this year, Great Wall sold 12,750 new cars in overseas markets, up 16.2% from a year earlier.In recent years, Under the guidance of the globalization strategy, Great Wall Motor has been accelerating its layout in overseas markets.For the global layout, Great Wall motor is not only exporting its products to overseas markets, but also speeding up the construction of overseas factories and brands.At the end of January, Great Wall officially took over its plant in Erasemapolis, Brazil, which is expected to start production in the second half of 2023 with an annual capacity of 100,000 vehicles for the entire Latin American region.Great Wall will introduce 10 electric models to Brazil over the next three years, the first of which will hit the market in the fourth quarter.At the beginning of this year, Great Wall Motor set an annual sales target of 1.9 million units in 2022 on the basis of the total sales volume of 1.28 million units in 2021.That goal remains a big challenge for Great Wall.In addition to the need to make a breakthrough in the fuel vehicle market, whether the new energy vehicle market and overseas markets can provide enough sales support will be the key to Great Wall hitting the 2022 annual target.This article is an exclusive article, shall not be reproduced without authorization.