Awards and subsidies, project funds…A number of measures have been taken to support the resumption of work and production of technology-based micro, small and medium-sized enterprises

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On January 27, the reporter learned from the provincial science and Technology Department that the provincial science and Technology Department issued a number of measures to support the resumption of work and production of technology-based small, medium and micro enterprises to speed up innovation and development. Shaanxi technology-based small and micro enterprises will enjoy incentives and subsidies, project funds, innovation vouchers and other benefits.The provincial Department of Science and Technology will give a one-time subsidy of 50,000 yuan to each of the more than 2,200 high-tech enterprises identified for the first time in 2021 (a subsidy of 200,000 yuan will be given to the high-tech enterprises in The general window of Xi Xian New Area), and each city and high-tech zone will receive a corresponding subsidy of 150,000 yuan.191 newly identified gazelle enterprises and 98 potential gazelle enterprises were given subsidies of 200,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan respectively.Post-subsidy support was provided to 81 winning enterprises of Qin Chuangyuan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.All kinds of approved incubators for entrepreneurship and innovation shall be rewarded according to the management measures.Encourage municipal science and technology bureaus to give subsidies and support to the small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises after the evaluation.We will release the 2022 project funding plan ahead of schedule, and give priority to the project funding for small and micro enterprises in a timely manner.If the government subsidy funds are not in place for the time being, the commercial banks that carry out the combined business of science and technology and finance are encouraged to allocate the same amount to the enterprises according to the approved amount, and the funds for the science and technology plan will be returned to the banks after the funds are in place.We will increase support for enterprises to use technological innovation vouchers.We will improve the management of scientific research projects, increase support for projects in epidemic prevention and control and people’s livelihood, open up a green channel for project application, and grant an extension to key special projects based on circumstances.Promote enterprise-related service facilitation to realize paperless application for high-tech enterprise identification, online handling of the whole process of evaluation of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, online handling of science and technology business without meeting, paperless technology contract identification and registration, online handling of work permit for foreign experts to come to Shaanxi, etc., providing “one-stop” convenient services for technology-based enterprises.We will give full play to the role of r&d service systems for small and medium-sized enterprises.We will fully implement the 1155 Project, promote open and shared R&D platforms, provide timely technical services, and reduce the cost and cycle of enterprises’ R&D.Two-way subsidies will be provided to those whose r&d achievements of universities and institutes are precisely matched and effectively connected with the technological needs of enterprises, and the contract amount is doubled. The subsidy proportion will be increased to 10%, and the subsidy shall not exceed 100,000 yuan each.Strengthen enterprise need talent introduction to speed up the quoting qin gen original high-level innovative entrepreneurial talent, giving full play to the advantages of colleges and universities to attract talents, solve the problem of enterprises lack of high-end talent, attract talent, take “colleges and universities help introduction, enterprise, government subsidy project” mode, set up the mechanism of “talent + project”,We will introduce and train a number of urgently needed scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship talents and teams, try out the “one person, one case, one discussion” policy for urgently needed talents, and give up to 500,000 yuan of financial scientific and technological funding to each person per year.To promote “scientists and engineers’ project implementation, which is based on business or high level innovation platform, to conquer the business enterprise important technical problems, promoting transformation of scientific and technological achievements, incubator of science and technology enterprises, for the purpose of university scientists and engineers company relatively fixed cooperation mode and working mechanism, to give 300000 yuan fiscal funds to support science and technology innovation team.Carry out the plan of doubling the number of scientific and technological enterprises carry out the four major projects of “climbing the mountain, entering the standard, advancing the rank and listing” of scientific and technological enterprises, and promote the development of small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises into high-tech enterprises, enterprises above the standard, specialized new enterprises and listed enterprises.Use three years, realize science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises, “specialized special new” small and medium-sized enterprises, high-tech enterprises and regulations