1999 yuan!Redmi K50 all system price exposure, dry turn over millet 12

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When it comes to cost-effective mobile phones, the first thing people will think of is Red rice.After Redmi started to make flagship phones, it continued its cost-performance positioning and began to blossom in the middle and high-end mobile phone market, among which Redmi’s K series phones are the most popular.In the New Year, Redmi’s iteration model K50 series also meets with everyone. Many configurations have been exposed long ago, and now even the price has been revealed, still keeping in mind the original price of 1999 yuan, which is to do over the rhythm of Xiaomi ah!The Redmi K50 is powered by a Snapdragon 870 processor and supports 67W flash charging.Redmi K50 Pro: Equipped with Breguet 8000 processor, supporting 66W flash charger.Redmi K50 Pro+ : Equipped with Breguet 9000 processor, supports 120W fast charge.Redmi K50 esports edition: Powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, 4700mAh battery +120W quick charge.The K50 series can also be seen from the processor, which covers all price segments.There are high cost performance K50, flagship phone K50 Pro+, high-end game phone K50 e-sports version, the price is gradually clear.Redmi K50 Pro+ Redmi K50 Pro+ Redmi K50 Pro+ Redmi K50 Pro+ Redmi K50 Pro+ Redmi K50 Pro+Redmi K50 from 3499 yuan to 1999 yuan, still original heart does not change, should be one of the most fragrant mobile phone this year, now want to buy mobile phone can wait for K50, the conference is also about to be held.The launch date of the K50 series: Redmi brand general manager said: “We had planned to announce the launch date of the K50 directly today, but the Marketing Department stopped us.Roh said earlier that the official announcement will be released after the Chinese New Year. Although there is no specific time, Roh said that the announcement will be held around February 18.Redmi K50 is the first flagship in the universe with the highest performance, which is worth looking forward to.Redmi K50 esports version is also the most mentioned, it not only has this year’s flagship chip Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, but also a high straight screen, dual VC liquid cooling, X-axis motor, 4700mAh battery support 120W fast charge, only 17 minutes can be filled, the configuration is very strong.You can also see Redmi’s determination to move upmarket.Summary Red rice K series from the birth of the dry turn millet on the road struggle, this K50 series coverage, each price segment has the reason to choose K50 series mobile phone, high-end mobile phone K50 e-sports version of the configuration is also very strong, can dry turn millet 12 to see Lu.