Wang Yanxing’s comment on The Business Map of Wang Meng, “Queen of Short Track Speed Skating”

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Wang Yanxing, senior researcher of Chongyang Financial Research Institute, Renmin University of China”Outside Shanhaiguan, all zhao Benshan”, Wang Meng’s “crosstalk style interpretation”, both elegant and popular, is absolutely popular, Wang Meng’s interpretation topic reading reached 1.5 billion.At that time, Wang Meng in the short track speed skating, no one else, created a miracle and history in the sports world, even a myth.Needless to say, in short track speed skating, Wang Meng is absolutely a once-in-a-century character, her leading opponents in the Winter Olympic Games, the king of the match and the number of gold MEDALS, amazing.At the same time, “dare to anger, dare to speak out” has become the standard match of Wang Meng.Wang Meng’s “crosstalk style commentary” is a sequel to his “short track speed skating”.”Short track speed skating” commentary really needs more Wang Meng.To this.I have the right to speak: I have been engaged in speed skating since 1972 when I entered the amateur sports school. I have always been very fond of this sport and insist on it continuously. During my undergraduate, postgraduate and post-doctoral studies in Harbin Institute of Technology, Renmin University of China and Tsinghua University, I would participate in various competitions whenever I had the chance, and the first place was seldom lost.In particular, in 1992, my good friend Wang Xiuli (China’s first women’s speed skating world champion) introduced me to Zheng Chunyang, Li Yan, Wang Xiulan and other members of the Chinese short track speed skating team. Since then, I have been fond of watching short track speed skating competitions.Needless to say, when watching short track games, sometimes we will encounter ambiguous, specious, and other explanations. In fact, sports commentators will do a good job, and even become key opinion leaders.3, Compared with Li Ning, Wang Meng’s business plate needs “incubation”.It is mentioned in this paper that Wang Meng is also one of the entrepreneurs who turned from an athlete to a businessman. However, in the business world, it will never be easy for Wang Meng to show who is “wearing ice knives” and becoming all-powerful.”You are the good small and not as”, we can all help wang meng, wang meng in China people’s university business school MBA degree, I was among the first to the batch got MBA degree at the university of the people, this is the first batch of people’s university business school MBA school mentor, just, I’m at people’s university MBA off-campus tutor a few group sent WeChat messages such as proposals to help wang meng games athletes such as entrepreneurship,Unexpectedly, it received a lot of responses, including business bigwigs.# Reveal the business map of “Queen of Short track Speed Skating” Wang Meng