Three cars worth focusing on are the Seyue S, Sihao QX and Honda XR-V

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Three cars worthy of our focus — The Star Yue S, Sihao QX and Honda XR-V Hello, readers, you finally come in, I wonder if the little brothers miss xiaobian?First of all, thank you for your advice, and wish you all smooth sailing, good luck, well, xiaobian today is mainly said about these things:As we know, SUV does not exist in the middle of the convex eyesore, not only with low fuel consumption, wide use and other advantages, and has a better car experience, has become the core competitiveness of other models to be comparable, and has been favored by more and more friends, but also as a lot of little brother’s travel car.Below, the author will share the advantages and disadvantages of some of the most cost-effective, eye-catching and affordable large models with the ladies. Compared with other sharing posts, there are definitely more eye-catching, hoping to provide some help for consumers to buy cars.The price of the first model, Xingyue S, ranges from 135,700 to 171,700. Sales Profile: This is a popular online model from Geely Auto group. Since its launch, its sales performance has been relatively beautiful.According to the following multi-party inquiry: Recently, Xingyue S made a surprise hit again, and finally sold 0.41W units and jumped to the position of 81st. The progress is particularly great. Meanwhile, Xingyue S can be said to be outstanding and brilliant star in the domestic car market, and crushed a number of strong competitors in the SUV rankings.In other words, the sales rank of Xingyue S is not very high, but I believe that the product strength of Xingyue S is still one of the excellent models.It is because the extraordinary competitiveness of Seongwol S is recognized by consumers.And no matter its overall appearance level or fuel consumption can be said to be hanging many of the same market mainstream SUV models.Many fans have this feeling: the star more S product competitiveness is what we favor, it is estimated that soon can be a blockbuster in the car market without smoke.The overall appearance design of The Star Yue S is more powerful and imposing, the car paint looks quite unique, and the golden waist line is also special and imposing, the overall shape of the star Yue S can definitely be given full marks.In addition, the head handsome and sexy, there is a dazzling double waist line slightly up, like golden hoop general yi Yi shine, make the star over S visual sense more lofty, looking at more clever, and yi yi shine fog lights bead well, and before the old difference is very much.Figure analysis: star S back row space is indeed “beier” reliable, to create a particularly comfortable feeling for the public, relatively common competitive products are also excellent, in addition, star S storage space is quite good, pull some daily luggage is enough.It is 4605mm long, 1878mm wide, and 1643mm high. With such a great body shape, there is almost room for three girls to sit in the back seat, and they can easily cross their legs.Therefore, there is no problem for home use. At the same time, the trunk loading performance of the Star Yue S is also very good, and many items can be put into it.Practical aspects comparable to the bus, is undoubtedly xiaobian particularly fond of the kind of type.In addition to the starlight appearance, scattered well outside the interior, star S is absolutely crushing the pack, it has 238PS, variable compression ratio of the powertrain, gearbox for the mainstream 8 block hand self-integration, so the power performance of star S is particularly strong.It satisfies most people’s transportation needs.In addition, the Star Viet S uses a unique aluminum-coated engine, so its life is very good.On the other hand, the displacement assembly of The Star MORE S can be said to be a close, no natural inspiration version of the model, it is understood that the star more S displacement version has 2.0t.Under the efforts of Geely Auto manufacturers, Xingyue S is very imposing in the range of ABOUT 17W SUV.The appearance level is a bright spot of The Star Yue S. The car body has a strong luxurious feeling, which gives me a wonderful feeling that I can’t help but look at it a few times.At the same time, the leg extension of The Star Yue S is also very good, sitting inside the feeling that there is a lot of remaining space, and the price ratio is also very outstanding, which may be why the star Yue S is so popular with car friends the most important factor.Owner’s Comment 2:Star is S oil consumption is more significant, probably due to the oil of the geely automobile, improve the precision of the reason, let me put it this way, the author jun is ordinary school kids ran a little bit more, traffic jam road conditions will be a little bit more at the same time, in addition is worth consumer good praise, so heavy a models, fuel consumption is very small,Currently, its fuel consumption can be controlled between 7.7 and 8.2L. In this case, the Fuel economy of the Star Yue S is particularly brilliant, and it can definitely be considered as low fuel consumption among competing SUVs.So I am very satisfied, even the partners all agree to say that the star S is worth boasting about.But if you drive in a desert area with few people, the actual mileage is expected to be higher.From the standpoint of xiaobian, a young student community, just collecting “a little” entertainment money should be enough to pay for ten days of gas.The financial burden on myself will not be great.Even if the adjustment time is not very long, it does not matter. After the power system is deeply integrated in the later stage, the fuel consumption of The Shingyue S can still be reduced.Fair evaluation in the industry: I believe that many partners will have this feeling:The more the star S still more of the chassis of the device, even if the star is S can provide the driver with good stability, passing road conditions is not very good, but when star chassis assembly intentionally put part of the S filter filter on the passenger’s seats on the train, the health of passengers, sit inside is likely to be aware of when stock “p” can’t stand it.In addition, when I was on the highway, I occasionally heard the problem of harsh tire noise and abnormal sound, especially when I entered the uneven and steep slope of the road, it would be more obvious. Moreover, when I filled up the fuel, I felt the power of the engine was smaller, and I found the customer service staff, but FINALLY I couldn’t tell where the problem was.Some friends also reported the following problems: 1. Interior smell was a big problem when we first drove home.No2 Sihao QX: 101,900 to 148,900 Appearance overview: This Sihao QX has a strong sense of fashion, especially in line with the aesthetic requirements of the author.Think hao QX face structure appearance before the entire level high, compared with the previous generation, hao QX basic there is a little not the same place, like fitting in the giraffe, the first dimension is not particularly big, looks relatively large, and the handle place appropriately at the hao QX, add some of the large size, silver chrome plated parts before the face of two high identification lamps,Its irradiation range and width have also been greatly improved.And the side of the young breath is particularly obvious, Sihao QX lines are absolutely very smooth, from the rear position has been extended to the front of the face, subtly stretching the width of the lateral vision of the front position of Sihao QX.At the same time, the side of sihao QX body has been polished, very eye-catching.Saihao QX is the most suitable for crushing the heroes.The design of the luggage is more dirty, while the taillight also adopts the treatment of blackened, so it looks more recognizable. In a word, the overall appearance of Sihao QX is more suitable for successful people.My colleague in those days bought Sihao QX mainly because of its beautiful shape.Owner Miss Huang said: I often go to the terminal store to throw a few times to have a good time, at present, I personally feel the cash SIhao QX sound insulation effect is better, open on the road to be quiet, although the weight of Sihao QX is so heavy, but also so long, but the performance is very flexible.The third model Honda XR-V 127,900 ~ 175,900 Appearance overview: Honda XR-V is not arrogant, particularly cute, the front grille mouth shape is very distinctive, almost full of the entire front face.In addition, the Honda XR-V front face of the headlamp modeling is particularly swagginess, Honda XR-V chassis is very low, stability is also very smooth.Belongs to the partial softening style, and does not lock the line of the body, from the front has been through to the tail, like a graceful ballet dancer.On the other hand, it has a concave and convex tail, in general, Honda XR-V or belong to quite tangible style, tail to everyone a very square feeling.I mainly appreciate the Honda XR-V nose design, because the feeling is particularly sharp, and very atmospheric, noble feeling.Interior comments Honda XR-V many details can see the manufacturer’s intentions.The material is enough, the assembly is quite high, and the error is controllable. At the same time, the button and the physical keys have a damping feeling of moving like a rabbit, and the logo of Dongfeng Honda is 100% right.The Honda XR-V, meanwhile, has a nice leather steering wheel that feels good in the hand and gives sharp steering, making the car safer and more convenient.Commendable is that Honda XR-V seat back color and interior decoration collocation is quite good, the support is also very good, and the seat interior filling is very soft, can not be said to have a little flaw, I bought Honda XR-V used to do business reception, customers say that sitting is very comfortable.And the Honda XR-V smells less.Meanwhile, the noise inside the car is almost inaudible.So I was very happy.Dynamically-the Honda XR-V’s explosive power must be top of the line.Silky feeling is particularly obvious, there is no lack of afterpower experience in the acceleration process.As long as you step on the accelerator, you can achieve overtaking.There is also a very strong push back, noise reduction detail is very good, if you do not watch carefully, you will not feel the engine assembly below the exit, which is very good.In addition, because its power is very good, coupled with the next daily mostly on foot, so there is no need to do too much change to its dynamic performance.Car friends comment 1: Looks very noble.The Honda XR-V is nearly five metres long and its headlights are sharp enough to shine at night.It is worth noting that Honda XR-V on both sides of the handle and the front net position have been blackened upgrade, silver chrome bar is also quite sexy, there are extremely shining irregular style of the big light group located on both sides, looking at the special fashion and down-to-the ground gas, Honda XR-V aluminum wheel can be said to lead the young and trendy symbol.The size is also very harmonious, no matter its appearance level or workmanship is better.It’s kind of my favorite style.Looking at the side has a special sense of both sight, bumper is very safe, is a typical family style, there is a faint fresh and refined atmosphere.And the noise reduction effect is particularly outstanding among suVs of the same class, I love the quiet environment.It’s a big screen, and it’s easy to navigate.In a word, the Honda XR-V is very cost-effective after all, the top match Honda XR-V “unexpectedly” less than 17W tickets, quite reliable and there are no other complaints.Juyou review 2: I do foreign trade business, which is like a tall, mainstream car I look not on, but with Honda XR – V, and his wife and children go out every time I feel te has “face”, touch the steering feel particularly comfortable, science and technology are also very high-end, my children often ask me outside Honda XR – V is what?I told you the Honda XR-V was your dad’s ride.Juyou review 3: satisfaction, for Honda XR – V is satisfied, of course, not only brand, comfort is also special praise at the same time, I since the childhood like cars, many years later finally is to buy the Honda XR – V, the horse ride comfort, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, and its consumption is not high also, is meets the requirements of my commute.The Honda XR-V is a hybrid hybrid that uses less fuel and runs like an electric car. The xR-V is a hybrid that uses less fuel and runs like an electric car. The xR-V is a hybrid that uses less fuel and runs like an electric car.In addition, generally speaking, there is a difference between the car guide price and the 4S transaction price. It is understood that the lowest transaction price of The Star Yue S is 11.87W RMB, while the Sihao QX and Honda XR-V are as high as 10.49W and 11.84W. Soon we come to the end of the article, I wonder whether you prefer the Star Yue S or Honda XR-V?I would like to thank you for your reading and wish all of you a prosperous and prosperous future.If you like me, don’t forget to give me a thumbs up.The three cars that deserve our attention – the Suarez S, The Sihao QX and the Honda XR-V. If you want to know more about them, follow The Car Xiao Wang