The truth!57 liters out of a 55-liter tank, caused a disturbance at a gas station, and was forced to apologize

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A 50-liter tank. Why do you have 55 liters of gas?This is the guangdong Province Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau 12365 report center often received by the driver of the gas station metering complaints recently,Report the complaint center study found that for most of the express only fuel tank car brands on the instruction manual “rated capacity” is not marked “capacity” and “rated capacity” misunderstood as “capacity” as the main cause of numerous complaints from the driver gas metering cheating while on a refueling refueling envelope beyond tank capacity with a lot of the driver’s first reaction is to the gas station has a “cat01 Case Analysis On the evening of October 27, 2017, a man in Qingdao jindun gas station after filling up the gas felt wrong, immediately the car owner got out of the car, questioned the amount of fuel:”I have a 55-liter fuel tank, how can I add 57.7 liters, is not a ‘ghost’ is what!As he had doubts about the amount of refueling, he argued with the staff from the outdoor to the indoor. The owner seemed to be drunk and emotional, did not pay for the fuel and threw a string of beads on the staff, so the staff chose to call the police to solve the problem. As it was too late to check, they stopped the car at the refueling site.The next day, although the owner of the car paid the oil, but he and his friends still feel that the gas station has “cheating”, decided to go to 4S shop at his own expense of 680 yuan, remove the tank empty, see how much oil the tank can hold.Finally, when the Honda sedan was tested at a Sinopec gas station after its tank was empty, the results showed that the 55L tank could hold 65 litres of petrol.Truer Mr. Zhao after that, a little embarrassed.On September 9, 2017, Cui from Chuxiong, Yunnan province went to Sinopec Xiaohekou Gas station to fill up his vehicle. His vehicle’s safe volume is 60 liters, but he added 81 liters of gasoline. Cui thought it was strange, so he asked the gas station for explanation.In the afternoon of September 15, chuxiong State metrology supervision bureau staff and the parties came to the gas station involved, the second time for tanker inspection.Refueling machine equipment seal and refueling machine anti-cheating device was checked and tested, determine that refueling machine did not cheat, and use standard metal meter for refueling machine measurement detection, through large flow and small flow three times each detection, the result is in line with the national standard.Finally, a vehicle of the same type and type as the vehicle involved was found and a fuel filling and weighing test was carried out at the refueling site. The results showed that 84.55 litres had been added to the 60-litre tank.Previously, a gas station for the “nominal capacity” and “capacity” differences made a panel list of commonly used vehicle nominal capacity and the ratio of the actual capacity according to different models, each big manufacturer of vehicle range all appear the phenomenon of “exaltation” among them, the wuling nominal capacity of 38.5 litres can hold 55.03 to rise by more than 42.94%, ranked “exaltation” at the top of the following data from baidu,According to the national mandatory standard “Safety Performance Requirements and Experimental Methods for Automobile Fuel Tanks and their Installation”, the rated capacity of automobile fuel tanks should be controlled at 95% of the maximum liquid capacity.As a result, automakers typically reserve 5% to 10% of their fuel tanks.A 50-liter tank, for example, may actually fill up 55 liters or more.This is also for safety consideration, because gasoline is a volatile liquid, if the fuel tank is too full, in the process of driving, the gasoline expands in heat and spills out of the tank, which is easy to cause safety accidents.In addition, the car fuel tank is only a container, not a measuring instrument, its actual capacity will change at different temperatures, different pressure inside the box.Therefore, it is not scientific to judge whether the measurement of the tanker is accurate according to the rated volume of the tank.