The qingming Festival in Changsha is generally sunny. Please pay attention to fire prevention

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Changsha Evening News on April 1 (all media reporter Zhang Yangzi correspondent Wang Xiang) as the Qingming festival is approaching, Hunan is also clear after rain, you should pay attention to travel, there will be fog in the early morning before the festival.Hunan province meteorological observatory on 1 April 16 when the fog yellow warning, is expected to 2, xiangtan, hengyang north, shaoyang, zhangjiajie in the morning, yiyang in the west, which is, loudi, Suggestions for there will be fog, visibility 500 meters or less and a piece of 200 meters or less fog, parts will appear strong fog, the visibility is low, will cause great influence to the transportation.Cold air left, Hunan restart sunny warm mode.The provincial meteorological observatory is expected that the weather will turn better from north to south in the evening of 1st.From 2nd to 7th, the weather will be mainly cloudy and sunny, with scattered showers in northern Hunan from 4th night to 5th day.In addition, 2, 3 in the morning of western Hunan, central Hunan parts of the fog.In the coming week, the temperature will gradually rise. There will be no effective rainfall in the province after April 2, and the meteorological level of forest fire risk is relatively high.During the Qingming Holiday, changsha’s sunshine will always be online.The city meteorological station forecast shows that the overall weather of The Qingming Festival in Changsha is sunny and the temperature is rising significantly.2 to 3 of them will be sunny or cloudy with light fog in some areas in the morning.From 4th to 5th, the cloud system will increase, with scattered showers.On The 6th, it will be cloudy to sunny, and the maximum temperature will rise to 23℃ to 25℃.The meteorological department reminded that even sunny weather forest fire risk meteorological level is high, we need to pay attention to strengthen the qingming festival and other outdoor fire control and forest fire prevention work;Prevent the adverse impact of low visibility on traffic and transportation.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original