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Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point reporter Li Zibo hard work will be rewarded.On April 1, shandong Provincial Party Committee assessment leading Group office officially announced the results of the comprehensive performance assessment of high-quality development of various cities in Shandong province in 2021.Zibo’s performance is bright, the examination grade is “first class”, only two in the province.In addition, Zibo also won two “individual awards”, namely, “Replacing old drivers with new ones” and “keeping the bottom line of development and security”.This means that, through one year’s efforts, Zibo has successfully reversed the attack in the ranking of the provincial key assessment, that is, from the fourth class in 2020 to the first class in 2021.These achievements are no surprise to the outside world.It is generally believed that the successful counter-attack of Zibo is the result of the struggle of the city, but also the manifestation of the qualitative change of economic development.Take economic development as an example. In January this year, Zibo announced the 2021 economic annual report showing that: GDP reached 4200.06 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 9.4%, 1.1 percentage points higher than the province;Fixed asset investment increased 22.1% year on year, ranking first among the 16 cities in the province…Key economic data reflect the transition zibo economy to the good general trend.And this assessment is exactly the result of verification of zibo’s transformation model.What the city needs to do next is stick to the right path, and stay firm.The comprehensive performance assessment results of high quality development of all cities in Shandong Province in 2021. There are two cities in shandong province, Zibo and Weifang.And in the 2020 assessment, Zibo’s ranking is not ideal.In just one year, zibo’s rapid rise is amazing and gives the local community great confidence and inspiration.So what does “first” really mean?Qilu Evening News · Qilu One Point learned that the name of this assessment in 2019 and 2020 is also “comprehensive assessment results of economic and social development in Shandong Province”, 2021 will be “comprehensive performance assessment results of high-quality development in all cities”.In terms of the name, the change from “development” to “high-quality development” is not only an adjustment of indicators, but also an upgrade of development concepts, which can better reflect the core strength of a region’s development.Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point learned that shandong province in 2021, the comprehensive performance assessment of high quality development of cities, divided into quantitative indicators assessment and qualitative indicators assessment.Quantitative indicators, namely “hard indicators” presented by data, include comprehensive quality and efficiency and the conversion of old and new driving forces.Among them, the comprehensive quality and efficiency aspects include regional GDP, “four New” economy and “Top ten” industries, the ratio of loan balance in key areas of inclusive finance, employment protection and income increase, and per capita consumer expenditure.The replacement of old and new drivers of growth includes upgrading the investment structure, scientific and technological innovation, upgrading the traditional drivers of manufacturing, and developing the digital economy.As for the content of qualitative assessment, positive indicators include “performance of the responsibility to comprehensively govern the Party with strict discipline” and other bottom-line constraint indicators, including “ineffective implementation of the subject responsibility and supervision responsibility of comprehensively govern the Party with strict discipline” and “ineffective coordination of epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, coordinated development and safety work”.It can be seen from the above assessment indicators that the comprehensive performance assessment of high-quality development is a comprehensive assessment of a city’s economic, social and livelihood development, which can not only give consideration to the economy and livelihood, but also fully reflect the overall situation of a region’s development.”This assessment is very scientific and reflects the real situation.”Have the personage inside course of study such analysis.According to the above assessment, can obtain “first-class” cities, is bound to be very bright data, all aspects of the work is very good.This is a comprehensive affirmation and overall incentive to a region’s development achievements.Reverse attack backside with reverse hit to describe the result of zibo, not too much.After all, Zibo ranked second and fourth respectively in 2019 and 2020.For the city at that time, “first class” seemed out of reach.In the past few years, Zibo has been in the throes of transition, and its former glory has fallen silent. However, there is a high degree of consensus among all sectors of zibo society on the road of transformation of old and new driving forces.In January this year, Zibo 2021 economic data announced, GDP reached 4200.06 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 9.4%, 1.1 percentage points higher than the province, the industrial added value on the plan year-on-year growth of 14.1%, fixed asset investment year-on-year growth of 22.1%, a number of data ranked the forefront of the province.What is the backside that zibo counterattack relies on?Jia Kang, a well-known domestic economist, said in an interview with Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yipoint that the transformation of old and new driving forces is a major development strategy of Shandong. High-quality development is closely related to the transformation of old and new driving forces. Only with new driving forces can we support the upgraded version of development, that is, high-quality development.As an old industrial base, Zibo has been in the forefront of the province’s transformation of new and old kinetic energy.The counter-attack of Zibo is the result of industrial upgrading, business environment optimization, city quality improvement and other comprehensive effects.Industry, Zibo adhere to the “excellent” and “expansion” two articles.In terms of “superior stock”, the “five optimizations” of traditional industries will be promoted to promote industrial transformation through enterprise upgrading.In terms of “expansion and increment”, artificial intelligence, hydrogen energy, unmanned driving, digital economy and other new circuits and future industries are gaining momentum, realizing the acceleration and fission of new driving forces.Statistics show that:Last year, the “four” in zibo industrial added value accounted for 48.9%, “four new” economic investment accounted for 55.9%, the national and provincial “specialization, the new” enterprise 81, narwhal, a beast, gazelle, which zha new species of 198 enterprises, small and mid-sized enterprises reached 1379, high and new technology enterprise break through 1000, approved by the national innovative city.On the other hand, zibo’s urban transformation is also accelerating. It proposes to build a “five good” city, improve the attractiveness, cohesion and carrying capacity of the city to people, and inject vitality into the source of the city’s energy level improvement. It puts forward the “37 Rules of Talent Golden Policy”, and takes optimizing the business environment as the first project…The above quantitative changes bring new kinetic energy, and accelerate the birth of zibo qualitative change.More importantly, based on the aspirant urban ideal, zibo’s spirit to change the status quo is also undergoing fission.As Jia Kang said: “Although there are different voices outside, Zibo will never willingly lag behind all the time.”Remain committed to the results, not just indicators and data on paper, everyone can experience the change, and that is the essence of development.In fact, in recent years, the transformational Zibo has been anchoring high-quality development and the direction of the transformation of old and new driving forces, pushing and implementing the two articles of “excellence” and “expansion”.As a result, while the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries are constantly spurting out new driving forces, the incremental improvement and acceleration fission of the new economy are also gradually emerging.Today, qualitative change continues.The 13th Party Congress of Zibo city held in February this year upgraded the “six empowerments” to “nine empowerments”, adding three empowerments of urban platform, people’s livelihood and governance.Upgrading from “six great powers” to “nine great powers” reflects the new needs of zibo’s development and transition leap.This also means zibo has entered a new development cycle.Industrial empowerment still comes first, as Zibo insisted in the past.In the next five years, Zibo will accelerate transformation and stride forward on the basis of transformation and upgrading, and strive to take the lead.The result of this assessment has undoubtedly given Zibo enough confidence and added impetus to the development of this city bearing countless expectations and glory.It can be said that the chosen road, Zibo will go more firmly in the future.”Innovate green, transform kinetic energy into superior stock” “focus on the future, high-end lead to expand the increment”, these two words are the current and the future of zibo industry development of a high summary.In other words, the “five optimizations” of industrial enterprises above designated size and key small and medium-sized enterprises will be fully covered, the high-end industry will be promoted, traditional industries and “top four” industries will be improved and strengthened, and the added value of “top four” industries will take up more than 60% of the added value of industries above designated size.On the other hand, we will actively foster emerging industries, expand the new economy and new forms of business, and carry out the “fertile ground” action to foster the new economy.With a forward-looking layout of new energy industries such as hydrogen, photovoltaic and energy storage, and future industries such as new energy vehicles, unmanned driving, environmental protection and digital economy, the proportion of economic added value in GDP has increased by more than 2 percentage points annually. This shows that Zibo is building a new economic growth pole and trying to overtake by changing lanes.In terms of urban transformation and development, Zibo is also making continuous efforts to improve the level of the city and reshape the quality and vitality of the city. Centering on the goals of pragmatic openness, quality and vitality, and ecological harmony, the city is moving forward rapidly to become warmer, more comfortable and more attractive.Now, with the further progress of all the above, it can be foreseen that in the realization of one goal after another, the vision of creating the fiery red era of Zibo passion will become more and more obvious.