Four points and four rebounds!Thaddeus Young on raptors debut: The biggest challenge is going from 1 to 5

2022-07-25 0 By

After the trade deadline, fans of all teams paid close attention to the performance of the new players.The Raptors lost to the Pelicans 90-120 today in the NBA regular season.New Pelicans recruit CJ McCollum had a game-high 23 points and added four rebounds, five assists and two steals.Compared with McCollum’s excellent performance, the Raptors’ new aid Saidis – Young’s play is more general.The veteran finished with four points, four rebounds, one assist and one steal on 2-for-5 shooting in 12 minutes off the bench.The Raptors lost to the Pelicans by 30!After the game, Thaddeus Young talked about the Raptors debut experience.”I’m still trying to get used to the system,” he says.For me, the biggest challenge was learning to play in multiple positions at the same time without training.You learn to play five positions in one day.”In Raptors coach Mike Nurse’s system, there is little traditional inside.The Raptors’ five players on the court are often four forwards and one guard.The 1 guard is the all-star guard Van Fleet, the 4 front line is basically Siakam, Anunobi, Trent Jr and Barnes.The biggest advantage of this lineup is speed and flexibility.Thaddeus – Young is 2.03 meters tall, played as a small ball center during his time with the Bulls, and had a good play.From this point of view, Thaddeus – Young adapt to the Raptors have no problem.However, he arrived late to the team, which resulted in young’s mediocre debut.