DNF: in the third week of the revision, the first “double Aiken” 3 ox group appeared, and Taimaat increased by 1000W in one day

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Dungeons in 2022 began to 2 months, warriors hunger for level 110 degree has been nothing less than “in fact”, “YinMing Town” only announced the 4 sets of 105 equipment and full professional CP weapons, playability far exceeds the level 100, see ozma regiment this back, no problem is a moving to a copy of the brick, and with the local tyrants entered auction “magic box” like treasure,The most anticipated reward for civilians is undoubtedly the “Aiken Orb”, but most civilian players fought for more than 2 weeks without even seeing a single Aiken orb.In the third week of the revision, the ridiculous 3 ox group has appeared!Main ozma weekly limit rewards are always changing, this week for the “28 is strong like treasure” and “destruction: andreas SS bailey design”, but attention before May 19th, ozma 3 can produce Aiken and cattle have been leroi-gourhan amounted to “o” orb, civilians can meet 1 times are hard, but arad don’t lack most is the emperor!After only three weeks of bidding for the revised version, the following scene appeared unexpectedly. Shortly after the update of 2.5, a warrior posted a 3 ox reward.The joys and sorrows of the Emperor were not the same as those of the non-chieftains.A full 6 awards, chaos mind, Aiken beads, wisdom SS product jar, Aiken beads, 28 all belong to the strong beads, myth boundary stone.I thought if I could produce one Aiken pearl, I would be the Emperor of Europe!But I didn’t expect to see two Aiken beads at a time. Whose department is this?Let alone the onlookers, of course, the whole group of 12 warriors were a little confused, and the plan did not say that they could turn 2 Aiken beads at a time. This is probably the first “double Aiken” 3 ox group in Arad.According to the owner of the number, “double Aiken” 3 cattle group was awarded 2400W for 6 prizes, and the gold coin auctioned was as high as 2.9E. After the translation, 1 Aiken pearl also got 1E more.If you want to move bricks, it has to be Ozma!According to the price of cross 5, 2400W is equivalent to a Spring Festival title with a treasure bead.Aiken pearl has been rising, 3 cattle group more look forward to!In the first week of the redesign, the Aiken Beads available for sale across 3B auction house were only about 1.7e, but by the third week it had risen to 3E gold coins!The key is still in short supply, but I still have to say, Allard is everywhere god ah, 3000W gold coins Aiken pearl…I wonder who picked it up.But pay attention to the civilian eyes or back to the ordinary reward, ozma SS design is the strongest item to move bricks!Because the best I can do with Aiken is divide the gold, but the designs are different.Always underrated design, up 1000W in 1 day!Last week rewarded “Taimat SS design”, originally 2000W gold coin, originally thought it was already a sky-high price!However, it rose to around 2800W in the later period, and the civilians called it too early to sell. However, this week was the beginning of the take-off, because the reward was changed to “Belius SS”, which ushered in a surge after stopping output.If 5 Ozma sets don’t appear randomly, but in order!So the next time you see “Taimat SS design”, you have to wait for 4 weeks, during which time they are out of print!Tuhao can’t afford to wait, just look at the auction house, just one day, Taimat SS has gone up 1000W.: Currently Ozma 3 cow is really the best place for civilians to touch gold and move bricks!Once encountered “Aiken treasure bead”, most cases can be divided into 1000W, and if encountered “Ozma SS design drawing”, slightly higher than the auction house can be seconds, because after a week to refresh the reward, and the final bill is eager to graduate rich.