After the first day of work qingyang city cadres and workers “home” full of energy

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On February 7, the doctor of the city maternal and child health care hospital is receiving patients.Longdong Newspaper reporter Zhang Changchang daily Gansu network on February 8, according to longdong Newspaper reported (reporter Wei Boqing, Zhang Changchang intern Zhang Qian) new weather in the year of the tiger, looking forward to new as.On February 7, the seventh day of the first lunar month, all walks of life in the city ushered in the Spring Festival holiday after the first day of work, the reporter visited found that everyone is full of energy, quickly put into work, with full energy “ensure smooth” “safe” “healthy” “protect travel”…Mou Xiaojuan, vice president of maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, went to work early in the morning. She learned about the work of various departments in the hospital at the first time. She was very happy to see that everyone could quickly put into work and serve the patients warmly.This year is the Year of the Tiger. I will work tirelessly with the ‘tiger soldiers and tiger generals’ in the hospital to make the hospital work’ like a tiger with wings added ‘.Mou xiaojuan said.City public Security Bureau traffic police detachment of the first highway brigade police Hu Jiaxuan told reporters, in order to effectively ensure the smooth highway, they actively contact maintenance departments to carry out snow removal operations on the Changqing Bridge ramp, currently, the changqing Bridge ramp basically have access to conditions.Next, they will take the police car with road speed pressure way, to stay in the area of the vehicle to divert.Hu jiaxuan reminded motor vehicle drivers to slow down, keep a safe distance between vehicles, do not change lanes at will, and drive safely.”We’ll show ‘opening is decisive battle, is the sprint start’ momentum, the foothold official duty post, to bear as, starts from oneself, start from the intravenous drip, get rid of” post-holiday syndrome “, according to the work under the fast-forward button, to the best state of mind, full of enthusiasm, quickly into the new work, to pay special attention to implement every work.”Sinopec gansu qingyang Yang Lu high oil branch general manager said, to supervise the staff after accepting heart “right the first time, China’s gansu qingyang petrochemical branch organization organs staff cleaning the office area and xifeng station of snow that motivate employees to work actively, have to ensure all the work in 2022, a good step.”The road is slippery, so everyone should pay attention to safety when getting on and off the bus.”Wang Wei, a bus driver in Xifeng City, reminded passengers to pay attention to safety when they got on and off the bus at each stop.This is wang Wei’s third year as a bus driver, and he stayed at his post during the Spring Festival to ensure convenient transportation for the masses.”It’s my duty to serve every passenger well and I love my job.”Wang wei said.Joy, peaceful flavor of the New Year is still rippling in the city and the countryside, the city from all walks of life staff to work on the first day of the new act, showing a new atmosphere, let people qingyang high quality development full of new expectations.