Greasy sense, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen ignored environmental crisis

2022-07-24 0 By

As a small mountain city in central China, early accustomed to clear water castle peak air fresh, once in the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have experienced work travel over a period of time, the city’s culture and modern facilities let us this mountain city people such as into the grand view garden!But by plane from the air, the city overrun the size of the bare tall roof, all this like a vast desert city, and in this kind of super-large city life for a period of time, feel the city buildings and largest total felling have a kind of greasy feeling in the air, a day without wash hair glossy, and not I a person have the feeling, have seen a lot of people also have this feeling.According to China’s consumption edible oil 40.71 million tons a year, and these years high expansion of large cities, population density, the restaurant industry developed, from a large number of lampblack is less than the factories and cars, today is the industrial production of edible oil, lampblack is common sense, harmful smoke lampblack machine purification can be totally harmless, impact on the environment and human body without any still have doubts on this,As if people focus more on industrial and automotive pollution to the environment, to this kind of hidden potential pollution hazard is not seriously, and China’s eating habits, a large number of Fried Fried cooked, so the amount of smoke from three meals a day every day is amazing, many large city high-rise building, a large amount of discharge lampblack easily adsorption air particles sinking, even if there is no pollution,But the refraction of oil molecules as they float in the air may be responsible for such cities getting hotter each summer.Industrial and automobile exhaust pollution can be controlled by restrictions, but the potential pollution control of lampblack can not let people change to other methods of cooking, so the current attention to the study of the technical problems of household lampblack emissions, such as the further study of the purification function of lampblack machine, two, to properly control the population and construction scale of big cities,The epidemic shows that there are many disadvantages. Cities with high density of people and buildings will expose more and more problems as they age.All three large urban greening in the street, and now too many high-rise building is too high, can block or purify the lower part of the air pollution, high air cannot simultaneously, so deal with what is dew on the roof greening technology for prospective studies, such as research can widely at the top of the upper floor in planting green plants can absorb oil, to the city with green, sun hat, to reduce the soot pollution of the city,Light and noise pollution and summer temperatures.