Chen Baoguo brought his son into “Mountains, Rivers and Moons”, which reminded me of five “second-generation stars” who could not achieve success.

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The saying “born like a dragon, born like a chicken, born like a mouse, a son can make a hole” is sometimes not about talent, but about the resources and contacts parents can give their sons in their own field, which is especially important for celebrities.For some people, the “second generation of stars” may be a burden, but in most cases, the “second generation of stars” contact with a wider range of film and television circles than Xiaobai, which is their advantage, regardless of whether there is acting, at least they can first mix face.My impression in addition to like Guo Qilin Xie Tingfeng Yang l this kind of acting, get rid of his father’s aura outside the star 2, there are so five always hold not red star 2.Even though his parents gave him a lot of resources, and even spent a lot of money to invite a big star to accompany him as the leading role, he still could not walk out of his own style on the actor’s road, and his acting was not high or low, which was inevitably embarrassing.The reason why Chen Yue-yue (Son of Chen Bao-guo) mentioned him first is because I am currently following the drama Mountain, River and Moon Ming, in which he plays Zhu Yun-wen is very important and even has many scenes with Feng Shao-feng in the later stage.As Chen Baoguo’s son, he has been assigned a role in almost every drama Chen baoguo stars in, and it will never be the kind of non-speaking cameo.It is understandable for parents to do it for their children. After all, Chen Baoguo has such resources and contacts, and other people have nothing to say.But the problem is that my impression of Chen at the end of the month is really stuck in staring and blowing, and what is basically performed in the play is Chen Baoguo’s son this kind of role.For example, his dog in The Old Farmer is a high-spirited character who wants to get out of the countryside.His tantrums are marked by staring eyes, and the point is, his eyes are big and staring.And in Invincible, when he and Feng Tiankui, played by Chen Baoguo, are paired together, they both express their anger, Chen baoguo’s eyes clearly funny, Chen Yue-yue’s more ethereal.Also, the way he throws a tantrum is exactly like the dog in Old Farmer.This time in “Mountain, River, Moon Ming”, although she has not appeared yet, you can clearly feel the weakness of Chen Yue-yue in the trailer, and even the eye play is not different from many of the previous roles, which is probably not what the audience is looking for in The image of Zhu Yun-stew.Xiang Zuo (Son of Xiang Huaqiang) I really appreciate xiang Zuo’s patriotic enthusiasm. For example, when he insults CAI Naoko, he is true to some things and even openly expresses his position that he is Chinese.However, it is another story to tell about Xiangzuo’s acting.Nor can he say that he has no acting skills, that is, no matter how praised, in the actor’s road is not popular.Speaking of, xiang Zuo is also self-aware as an actor, just in the beginning of “The Warlord” “Huo Yuanjia” and other movies as a walk-on, and did not strongly ask the crew to arrange roles, he should also know to do an actor to step by step.In 2004, she went to work on the set of Fearless and won a “nameless role” with Jet Li.In 2007, he co-starred with Jet Li in The Warlords, and this time his role finally had a name.The real help of his father should be that the investment scale is very large “Legend of God”, almost invited to the entertainment circle all influential stars, Jet Li, Huang Xiaoming, Louis Koo, Wen Zhang, Leung Ka-fai, Xu Qing, Chen Xiaochun and so on.Instead, the film ended up with a 2.9 out of 10 critical reviews, making the investment a flop.The thunder and quake that Xiangsa plays in it is almost drowned, let alone acting.Want to become tough guy, but do not have opportunity to come out from beginning to end, after marrying Guo Biting, to zuo probably also can understand The advice of Jet Li at the beginning, he is more suitable for inheriting family business, rather than be an actor.All I can say is that Konzo is a good man, and I don’t hate him.Chen Feiyu (Chen Kaige’s son) the most topical news about Chen Feiyu, one is about his nationality, one is about his collaboration with Luo Yunxi “Hao Clothes Line”.As for his nationality, Chen feiyu has issued a statement saying that he is now a Chinese citizen.And about “Hao clothes line” because of the drama for the change of tightening, leading to see only the topic of official publicity.As Chen Kaige’s son, he just walked the flow of the star’s road.The problem is, streaming stars have to have acting skills, too. They can’t always rely on their faces.But Chen Feiyu’s acting, has not reached the point of conquering the audience, say a word inappropriate, should be described as “face paralysis” performance.In 2010, he entered the acting world as a teenager in his first film, Orphan of Zhao, which was directed by his father Chen Kaige.In 2016, he worked as an assistant director for the period fantasy film Legend of The Demon Cat, which was also directed by his father Chen Kaige.The latest drama, he and Liao Fan cooperation “Gold Rush”, I do not know whether this drama and Chen Kaige relationship, but in front of Liao Fan Suke and other powerful party, Chen Feiyu is obviously a pupil, acting was pressed on the ground friction.At first, when I saw the tan he got for the show, I thought it would really impress me.Unexpectedly, the way of performance is too stiff, the latter is directly ignored existence.Whether it’s anger, fear or sadness, the emotions are almost at the same point. How can this resonate with the audience?A lot of attention has been paid to Chang’s appearance because she is not your standard beauty.But sometimes being an actor is not just about looking good. It’s nice to be able to win over an audience with your acting skills.But Chang’s acting skills are still immature, and the actor’s threshold has only reached a certain threshold, which is largely related to his father.I first met Chang In the Age of Awakening, where she made a noisy and awkward appearance as Liu Mei.And I don’t understand why this character exists.At that time, there were many people said that Chang Sere lok was connected.Later in the “circuit prosecution group”, she played Qiao Yi, so many beauties, Zhang Yiwei just took a fancy to her.For this role, Zhang Sile and Han Xue were both accused, because the performance was so bad, especially zhang Sile’s crying scene, which was immediately trending.Fortunately, although Zhang guangbei was involved in “Mountain, River, Moon And Bright,” he did not cast his daughter in the same way Chen did.Zou Yuanqing (Daughter of Yan Ni) She is probably the least famous of the five second-generation stars I mentioned, or maybe it’s because she came out late.In 2017, she made her big screen debut in the heart-warming urban comedy I Am Your Mother with her mother Yan Ni.Participated in the variety show “actors please take place”, but the whole program came down, Zou Yuanqing only two works appeared, in the second period “parasite” after the performance, there is no mentor to choose her, so can only be eliminated.Chen offered gentle advice on Zou’s acting skills, saying that zou has a good teacher at home and should learn from his mother, Yan Ni.Among the works I am currently involved in, such as “Mountain And Sea Situation” and “Breakout”, most of the roles are arranged because of Yan Ni.In general, Zou yuanqing still didn’t know the prospectuses of acting.These five second-generation stars, all have parents who can rely on, this starting point is many people can not seek, unfortunately, as far as the current acting, really not actors.With all your resources and contacts, you have to rely on yourself.