“Swimming” or will be included in the compulsory examination subjects, parents complain, the venue less remedial fees expensive

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Many people say that the college entrance examination is the most important exam to determine the fate of students, but I don’t think so, I think that the high school entrance examination can determine the fate of students.We all know the seriousness of 55 diversion, a lot of bad results of the students were all shunted to the society or school, from the time they were shunted, students have lost the qualification of the college entrance examination.Education is the foundation of a country. China attaches great importance to education, and has made a lot of changes for the middle school entrance examination and college entrance examination. Swimming may be included in the subject of the middle school entrance examination in 2022.Parents were very upset when they heard the news, because there are few places to learn swimming, and the tuition is very expensive, and most families can’t afford it.In 2022, “swimming” or will be included in the middle school entrance examination, parents can not afford to speak, in fact, the middle school entrance examination has been doing reform, first: for the middle school entrance examination 55 diverting problem, plan to implement 100% index to school in 2023.Second: the “aesthetic education” into the examination project.The reason for putting these two questions on the agenda is to reduce students’ learning pressure. Art and PHYSICAL education are students’ favorite subjects, which will also make students feel happy, at least students can learn their favorite subjects in school.In 2022, there will be a big change, that is, swimming will be included in the high school entrance exam, which has been implemented in many areas, including Shanghai and Guangzhou.This policy is a good thing for students because they can keep fit through swimming.But the premise is to invest too much, many parents are said to be unable to afford tutoring fees, and the venue resources are limited.The more limited the resources of local tutoring funds are more expensive, some developed areas a swimming lesson needs hundreds of yuan, although the cost of a lesson is not particularly high, but after the sum of many a little makes a lot of money.Why will the “swimming” into the examination of the project?In fact, in some areas, running and long jump are required to test the project, but parents will not be too opposed, because these two economic burdens on parents.But swimming costs money and energy, students want to learn swimming on the student’s family situation is also a certain requirement, if the student’s family conditions are very general, then students may not have the opportunity to learn.In fact, swimming will be included in the examination is a reason, the author thinks that the main three points.First, improve students’ physical fitness.Nowadays, many middle school and even high school students are flowers in the greenhouse, without exposure to the weather or time for physical exercise.And “swimming” is considered the most reasonable way of exercise, students can improve their physical quality through swimming, and can make the growing students become slender, is a good sport.Secondly, reduce students’ study pressure.Nowadays students generally have a lot of pressure, almost all of this pressure comes from “study”.Many students are restricted by their parents to a variety of interests and hobbies, students have no place to vent their emotions, over time, students will form psychological problems.If swimming is included in the compulsory examination of the project, students can find a way to vent their own, swimming can relieve the pressure of students’ study, can let students have a good state of mind.Finally, equip students with a survival skill.In fact, now students are very aware of safety, as long as the school and parents teach correctly, the accident of students is very low.Although the number of drowning cases has decreased in recent years, students still need to learn a survival skill to avoid accidents, so learning to swim can not only strengthen their body, but also ensure their life.Future students will be “moral, intellectual, physical, American labor” comprehensive development, parents should be ready to now art, sports into the examination project may have become a foregone conclusion, for is to let students all-round development, but also to help students reduce pressure.It is also the premise of “exam-oriented education” into “quality-oriented education”, so parents must be psychologically prepared, parents can not only pay attention to the results of students, but also care about the psychological condition of students.The most important thing is that students can grow up healthily, so parents should not only rely on school education, but also pay attention to students’ family education.Let students develop good learning habits, habits can accompany the students’ life, have good habits can let students benefit from life.Then let the student learn not to be proud, not arrogant.Even if the student’s academic performance is very good, but also can’t let the student arrogant, modest forward to achieve the greatest success.”A good memory is better than a bad pen”, students’ energy is limited, students should learn to take notes in class, only in this way to let students after class when the teacher can recall the problem in class.Today’s topic: do you agree to include “swimming” in the middle school entrance examination?(The above pictures are from the network, please contact to delete infringement)