It’s about personal income tax!It will be launched on March 1

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From March 1 to June 30, 2022, individual residents who meet relevant regulations are required to settle their comprehensive income tax for 2021, the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) announced on Feb 9.According to the announcement, after the end of 2021, the residents personal needs summary January 1, 2021 solstice December 31 of the wages and salaries, labor remuneration, remuneration, royalties and other four the income obtained 60000 yuan as well as the special deduction, the deduction of expenses other deduction as determined by the special additional deduction, in accordance with the law and conform to the conditions of the public welfare charity donations,Apply to individual income tax rate of comprehensive income, subtract quick-calculated deductions, calculate final tax payable for the year, subtract the amount of tax paid in advance for the tax year, and obtain the amount of tax refundable or payable, report to tax authorities and apply for tax refund or tax payment.The annual settlement period is from March 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022.Taxpayers without domicile in China who leave China before March 1 May handle the annual settlement before leaving China.What circumstances need to handle the annual settlement?So, need below specific what circumstance deals with individual income tax comprehensive income year to calculate?According to the announcement, taxpayers need to handle annual settlement if they meet any of the following circumstances.(1) the amount of tax paid in advance is greater than the amount of tax payable in the annual settlement and the tax refund is applied for;(2) the comprehensive income obtained during the tax year exceeds 120,000 yuan and the amount of tax payable exceeds 400 yuan.Where a taxpayer underdeclares or fails to declare comprehensive income in a tax year due to a mistake in the applicable income items or failure of the withholding agent to fulfill the withholding obligation in accordance with law, the taxpayer shall handle the annual settlement according to law and in accordance with the facts.State Administration of Taxation:After the settlement period undeclared and payment of taxes Will receive fine for delaying payment According to introducing, 2021 annual income is comprehensive and classification by combining individual income tax system reform after the third time, once upon a time two to handle the case, the vast majority of taxpayers can truthfully according to law, there are a number of taxpayers with annual income for tax rebates to enjoy the dividend tax reform,There are also a lot of taxpayers to supplement the income that the tax department does not master, deal with annual settlement to declare pay taxes.At the same time, the tax authorities also found that a small number of taxpayers did not truthfully declare after repeated reminders from the tax authorities.State Administration of Taxation related person in charge said, for the annual settlement of taxpayers who need to pay taxes, such as in the end of the annual settlement period did not declare and pay taxes, tax authorities will be charged a fine for late payment in accordance with the law, and in its “individual income tax records” to be marked.To fords the tax amount is larger, the tax authorities will conduct a hint to remind, to remind after not correct or corrections to supervise and urge the rectification is not in place, is still not correct or corrections in place for interview, interview after the warning is still not cooperate with rectification of the initiate an audit in accordance with the law, part of filing a case to choose the circumstances are serious, the influence of the bad public exposure.Source: Website of State Administration of Taxation, comprehensive CCTV news client