The life you want to live in 2022: Five mindsets

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The fifth day of the Chinese New Year is the traditional day to welcome the god of wealth. People burn incense and set off firecrackers in the hope that the New Year will exorcise evil spirits and avoid disasters, bring them prosperity and bring them wealth.On this day, also known as “Po Wu Festival”, many traditional taboos can be broken after the fifth day.Because the day bears so much hope and expectation of people, taboos are especially many.For example: eat dumplings, do not cook with raw rice, women can not visit and so on.But not many people follow these traditional rituals anymore.Fali city ancients have poetry: five wealth recruit into the city, the city of dust.In Chinese folklore, the fifth day of the first lunar month is the birthday of the god of wealth.The god of wealth determines people’s fortune in a year. Therefore, from ancient times to the present, merchants rush to open the market on the fifth day of the first month, in order to “make profits”.In “Please Jialu” written by Gu Lu in the Qing Dynasty, it is recorded that merchants get up early on the fifth day of the first lunar month to meet the god of wealth, also known as “road head”.Some businesses in order to meet the god of wealth earlier, but also advance the activity to the fourth night, commonly known as “road grab head.”As CAI Yunshi cloud: five days the god of wealth five days, a year of temporary reward wish.Beware of other places to meet god early, overnight rush to steal the road.All these contain people’s hopes for the New Year, hoping to get a “good start, everything goes well”.Through the ages, Chinese people have worked hard, worked hard and multiplied on this land for generations. They would pray for the protection of the gods and gather the expectations of their families, so as to turn into a strength for a whole year and start again after a short rest.Right now, you may be packing your bags to head back to your workplace.Maybe you’re on your way home from home.Maybe you didn’t get home at all for a variety of reasons and chose to stay put.In any case, the balance of our Spring Festival holiday is insufficient, so we need to start the focus mode.In the New Year, I hope you will always have five attitudes and embark on the road to a happy life.Kung fu superstar Bruce Lee once said: empty your cup so that it can be filled again.As we grow, we need to keep learning.Henry Ford said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether he is twenty or eighty.And those who keep learning stay young forever.Be open to new things and learn new skills.We can zero out our past achievements and immerse ourselves in the new environment and new knowledge so that we can better absorb and master it.In his later years, Chinese painting master Li Keran could be said to have read all his life, but he still maintained childlike curiosity and thirst for knowledge, calling himself a “white-haired schoolboy”.It’s easy to feel smug and arrogant if we always think our “glass” is full.Only by maintaining a growth mindset of lifelong learning and keeping an empty mind can we create more possibilities in our future lives.Jock Willink, in Self-discipline Sets You Free, writes that there are no shortcuts to achieving your goals, overcoming obstacles, and becoming the best version of yourself.There are no shortcuts, you have to discipline yourself.Self-discipline is the foundation of all good qualities.When we think about self-discipline, we may think about habits such as exercising, lifelong learning, going to bed early and waking up early, but it actually includes all kinds of self-management skills such as time, body shape, emotions and relationships.Steve Jobs said, “Where does freedom come from?It comes from confidence, and confidence comes from discipline.”If we want to gain a free life, we can start by getting up half an hour early every day, reading every page of the book we have bought, taking the fitness card and immediately starting to exercise, constantly enhancing the ability of self-management and forming the quality of self-discipline.At the same time, we should pay attention to the environment we live in.In the face of different people and things, we need to have a tolerant heart, keep the attitude of empathy, and do not obsess.There is a saying in Tao Te Ching: “The superior good is like water, and water benefits all things without disputing.It means that water is soft but can contain all things, and can reach all things.Since ancient times, the higher the level of people, the more easy-going they are, just like water.Not all of us can achieve the realm of water conservancy.But we can help others when they need support.When others are frustrated and down and out, carry a journey, give a person rose, hand left lingering fragrance;In others high – spirited remind one or two, not arrogant, steady zhi yuan.In this way, we can reach a new height in our lives.In your daily life, are you aware of yourself and often complain about this and that?Complaining about your job, your kids, your spouse, or your parents’ nagging makes you feel like you owe life to yourself.The World without Complaining says that complaining focuses your energy on the current problem rather than the solution to the problem.Too often we live in chains of our own creation, ignoring the keys we hold in our hands.You can make a huge difference in your life by changing your complaining habit.Life is very much like a mirror. If you smile upon it, it smiles back.If you cry to it, it will return with sorrow.Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others, said Roman philosopher Cicero.Gratitude creates a deeper connection between people, and when you approach your life with gratitude, you reinterpret your life and experience.Although there are things in life that we can’t decide, we can change the outcome by changing our attitude.There is a story about two men who were working on a wall at the same time. A passer-by asked them if they found it hard to build a wall. One of them said sadly, “It’s too hard.But the other man smiled and said, “I don’t feel hard, because I am building a beautiful mansion for the city, and I will make it even more beautiful and prosperous.”Years later, the first man was still building walls, and the other man became a famous architect.A positive attitude creates a genuine sense of pride and makes your work more meaningful.Keep a positive and optimistic attitude, open to the test of life, you will gain more.Things follow the heart, the environment created by the heart.Cup mentality, you can see the higher wonderful life;With self-discipline, you can realize deeper value of life.With a tolerant attitude, you can live a better life.With a grateful attitude, you can find a more diverse life;With a positive attitude, you can reach a more distant heart.With a good attitude, you can enjoy your own beautiful life.