Rescue fall old man hedong public security ordinary move warm heart

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In order to thoroughly implement the thought of people-centered development, combined with the study of party history education and the education of the political and legal teams to rectify the practice of “I do practical things for the masses” and the ongoing “integration and integration” type of community police office building activities, the Public security Bureau has always adhered to doing good for the people, doing practical things and solving difficult problems.A few days ago, the public security hedong branch actively rescued an old man who lived alone, praised.Recently, the dongxin police station of the Hedong branch of the Public Security bureau received an alarm from the public that the old man’s room alone in the community was leaking and the situation was serious.After receiving the report, the police rushed to the scene, because the security door locked unable to enter the house.Then dial the old man’s phone, hear the ringing in the house but always no answer.The police worried about the elderly accident, after obtaining the consent of their family members, will open the security door, found the elderly fell in the toilet, unable to move, blurred consciousness.The police immediately checked the old man’s injuries and dialed 120. After the ambulance arrived, the police and medical staff carried the old man to the ambulance and sent him to the hospital for treatment.When the old man’s family arrived at the hospital, the police left and told the family to take good care of the old man. The old man and his family members expressed their gratitude to the police for their serious and responsible work attitude.