Many people have been punished!These things can’t be done during Spring Festival!

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The Spring Festival is a day a gathering of friends and relatives gather everyone toasts, sing for joy happy but @ all people no matter how happy there are some things you can never do 01 forbidden setting off firecrackers in the combustion zone on February 2, the reporter learns from leshan city public security bureau, setting off firecrackers on New Year’s eve with citizens in the combustion zone,The police gave administrative punishment to 15 people who illegally set off firecrackers.On the eve of the Spring Festival, leshan Public Security Bureau, the city’s emergency Management Bureau and other relevant departments have issued the “2022 Spring Festival Fireworks and Firecrackers Forbidden Area”, “A letter to the General public banning the burning of fireworks and firecrackers”, “Fireworks and firecrackers forbidden Notice” and so on, announced the city’s 11 counties (cities, districts) prohibited areas of fireworks and firecrackers.January 31 at 7:30 p.m., The City district public security branch pengshan Road police station found in the process of duty, Cen, Yang two people in the wind street farmers market near fireworks, police immediately stepped forward to stop, and two people back to the police station investigation and processing.At 9:50 p.m., Pengshan Road police station police and in riverside Yijing residential area, block is setting off fireworks Wang.To the above 3 people, the municipal police in accordance with the provisions of the second paragraph of Article 42 of the regulations on the Safety Management of Fireworks, the three people were fined an administrative fine of 500 yuan respectively.In Shawan District, Shawan police station police in the local Han Wang Road to the commercial street entrance of the roadside, on the spot to block Yang mou fireworks in the forbidden area, after the criticism of education, the police also imposed administrative fines on Yang mou according to law.In addition to the punishment of 15 citizens who set off fireworks in the forbidden area according to law, up to now, the city’s public security organs have carried out 367 fireworks safety inspections, found the rectification of safety hazards 5 times, investigated and handled 1 illegal transportation and 1 illegal storage of fireworks, confiscated 192 cakes, 287 boxes of illegal fireworks,It has achieved good legal effect and social effect.During the Spring Festival, leshan public security will further strengthen the patrol on duty and combat treatment, strengthen the key areas of “three see police”, to create a good atmosphere for everyone to abide by the ban on burning, and jointly protect the blue sky in Leshan.Warm reminder: The Chinese New Year does not rely on the sound of firecrackers, please earnestly abide by the relevant provisions of the prohibition of setting off fireworks and firecrackers, otherwise, in the area of the prohibition of setting off fireworks and firecrackers, the public security organs in accordance with The State Council “Fireworks safety Management Regulations” article 42 punishment;If the circumstances are serious, punishment shall be imposed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Administrative Punishments for Public Security.In the early morning of February 1st, due to the influence of low temperature weather, gulou section of wenma expressway in Lixian county suddenly fell heavy snow, covered with snow, the scenery is very beautiful.At 14:00 on the same day, sichuan high speed public security branch 17 brigade police patrol to the section of the video, found a car license plate for Sichuan AL3*** white car parked in the emergency lane, there are several people next to snowball fights, snowman, playing happily.I saw a car next to the driveway roaring, a little careless, the consequences can not be imagined.As the scene is very critical, the police immediately through the query vehicle license plate and the driver made contact, told them to immediately get on the car to leave the emergency lane, and to the brigade to accept processing.↑ Unexpectedly in the highway emergency lane to play snow 16 xu, the white car and a line of people came to the brigade to accept processing.The police learned that they were traveling to Aba Prefecture. On the way, they were so excited to see the snow on both sides of the road that they ignored their own safety and simply parked the car on the emergency lane to play with the snow.The police made a severe criticism of the behavior of the parties, so dangerous and illegal behavior, not only for their own lives, but also for the lives of others.Subsequently, the police made a fine of 200 yuan to the driver of the car, 6 points.Write to motor vehicle punished similarly chengdu police are emergency lane traffic violation exposure during the Spring Festival holiday, go to motor vehicle traffic in chengdu emergency lane traffic violation exposure annual lunar calendar, every city pipe to chengdu highway traffic increase, go to motor vehicle traffic in chengdu emergency lane traffic violation exposure.Chengdu traffic police to remind the majority of drivers: emergency lane is strictly prohibited!On the road, when the traffic is large, please drive in turn consciously, do not interweave and invade the emergency lane, pay attention to safety, civilized and law-abiding!Those who trespass on the emergency lane will be punished by police on the spot, captured by electronic eyes and reported by the public through “rong E line”.Tips: The emergency lane of the expressway is a special channel for police cars, ambulances, fire engines and other rescue vehicles in case of traffic accidents or road jams, as well as a green channel for saving lives.In order to ensure the safety, speed and efficiency of holiday travel for the masses, and to maximize the protection of people’s life and property safety, please strictly obey the law, drive carefully, do not occupy the emergency lane parking or driving.On February 2nd, the Jiuxiang police Station of The Public Security Bureau of Hanyuan County and the Jiuxiang Traffic police Squadron jointly carried out traffic law enforcement, and seized a motor vehicle driving without a license and a drunk driving on the scene.Tips: Don’t drink and drive, drive and don’t drink!Meet friends and family drunk driving to timely dissuade, wish you can have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival!Sources: Cover News, Red Star News, Chengdu Broadcasting and TV station, @Hanyuan Public Security