Don’t insult the reputation of travel

2022-07-22 0 By

In watermelon video recently saw a so-called “travel” blogger, national and take some video of the begging begging around himself said just for the so-called “ceng rice” others wedding, the villagers’ home, any network has the name of the travel picture from begging and ceng rice the blogger have any misunderstandings between people know each other between said to ceng rice, stretched out his hand to a stranger asks for and not pay,Call begging, also called the man begging consumption sympathy to achieve their profit you begging for it is your thing, please don’t say you are traveling, love to travel don’t beg the picture from the network, I believe you must have seen someone dressed in a riding along the road holding a brand, which need tips I had no money with good intention to dozens of dollars eating behavior,Those who cheat others’ sympathy in the guise of budget travel are all false cheaters, and what is the difference between watermelon this blogger and this kind of people? I would like to ask @watermelon video  in the name of budget travel to beg strangers is not negative energy behavior, he is not have no money to eat, he feels that there is profit in filming begging video