Chery Auto will launch a new mid-range new energy brand and plans to introduce strategic investors and go public

2022-07-22 0 By

According to reliable sources, Chery Auto plans to launch a new mid-range new energy vehicle brand, which will introduce strategic investors and be listed independently in the future.As a “man of science and engineering” of China’s own brands, Chery Automobile has a solid foundation for car manufacturing.In April 2010, Chery New Energy Co., Ltd. was formally established to promote the new energy vehicle market.Over the past 12 years, Chery New Energy’s product matrix has been constantly improved.Up to now, Chery New Energy has ruihu E, Ruihu 3XE, Ruize E, eQ, eQ2, little ant, big Ant and many other new energy products.It is not difficult to see that in addition to several “oil to electricity” products and big ant, Chery New Energy’s main products focus on eQ series.The Chery QQ ice cream, which hit the market in December, is even smaller than the Chery Little Ant (3,200mm).For a long time, due to brand image, product price and other factors, it is difficult for independent brands and joint venture brand positive hard, “brand upward” is the common pursuit of all independent brands.Especially in the new round of intelligent electric car race, car companies have launched more “lofty” models to boost the brand’s progress, but also easier to win the favor of the capital market.That is to say, although Chery New Energy’s sales are relatively good, its brand image needs to be improved.In this respect, GAC Eon, SAIC Zhiji, Dongfeng Lantu, Changan Avita and other companies are in the forefront, Chery Auto obviously can not rely on Chery New Energy to walk on one leg, but to accelerate the pace of development, the launch of a new mid-end new energy vehicle brand is expected.Under the tide of the new four modernizations, the development of new energy vehicles is the only way for China’s automobile industry to become stronger.The launch of the new mid-end new energy vehicle brand highlights the ambition and determination of Chery Automobile to force the new energy vehicle market.Compared with the new forces of car making, chery Automobile is very confident in both research and development system, product manufacturing and supply chain.It is reported that Chery Shanghai RESEARCH and development center is carrying out product approval, the first phase of the plan to launch 2-3 products, but the first model of the screw car has not been completed.Brand, technology, capital, Chery group has a good plan, but can things go as smoothly as expected?As the capital market gradually returns to rationality, IPO review is increasingly strict, in front of chery’s new mid-end new energy vehicle brand, there are still many car companies waiting in line to go public.All in all, good brand planning should eventually fall on specific products, conquering consumers with technology and strength is the hard truth.Follow-up news, the car market will continue to track the report, please pay attention to.