The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics made people feel the feelings of family and country

2022-07-21 0 By

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics officially kicked off at 20 PM last night.From the water sky of the Yellow River to the welcoming pine nest, to the magical appearance of the five rings of ice and snow, each of the ideas are amazing.When every ordinary Chinese hand handed down the national flag to the five-star red flag and ice and snow five rings, that kind of feelings of home and country reach people’s hearts.Athletes of various countries are also creative down jackets, the history of the most fashionable down jackets and the most complete down jackets may be in last night.As well as the background music that makes the students of the music department feel directly in the music theory examination scene, so that the athletes’ runway show is full of power, so that the audience to watch goodbye boring.They can even interact well with each other.Ice dun dun dun charmingly naive, old and young to eat.Literary creations should be selling well, too.Every detail is full of heart, reflecting the feelings of home and country.