Sucun Township, Lingbao City: Strengthening road maintenance to help rural revitalization

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Sucun Village, Lingbao City: Strengthening road maintenance helps rural revitalization Yellow River Times Reporter Liang Feng Correspondent Yao Dongmin Chen Jie Spring breeze sends warmth, all things compete.In recent days, Lingbao Su Village township seize the opportunity, early deployment, early planning, early arrangements, quickly set off a rural road spring maintenance battle upsurge.Each township, village road machinery roar, and busy orange figure interweaving, forming a beautiful scenery line.Unified understanding, strengthen leadership.Rural highway is an important basic condition for the sustainable development of rural economy and the basis of rural revitalization.In order to implement the spirit of the meeting, Su Village township set up a leading group, according to the spring battle, summer, autumn, winter to promote the four key stage, formulate the annual plan, signed the responsibility.Township team members package piece, village branch secretary package section, grading responsibility, compaction responsibility, the formation of pressure on everyone working situation, quickly opened the whole township spring maintenance battle prelude.Perfect mechanism, hierarchical management.Adhere to the principle of “construction, management and maintenance”, establish and improve the long-term mechanism of rural road management, rural road management and maintenance station is equipped with full-time staff, specifically responsible for daily management and maintenance work, formulate maintenance plans, and conscientiously organize and implement them.The township set up a maintenance team composed of 41 maintenance personnel, signed a contract responsibility, the implementation of maintenance of the township road, so that “there is a road must be maintained, there is a road must be managed”.At the same time, improve the assessment mechanism, according to the “monthly assessment and reward, seasonal observation and evaluation”, assessment and cash, rewards and punishments, fine verification of maintenance pay, the selection of “the most beautiful road guard”.Focus on key points and work hard., rural revitalization of rural living environment control, etc, in accordance with the “four good rural road construction standards, pavement disease treatment, security hidden trouble elimination, afforestation seedling plant and environmental renovation, with emphasis on the four aspects, on the road shoulder, slope, road, bridge, culvert and ancillary facilities along the methods for treating,” a day schedule,One week acceptance “, extend the service life of the road, keep the road and auxiliary facilities in a good technical state.Up to now, 65 kilometers of road shoulder soil has been laid, 15 flood-damaged roads have been repaired and safety risks eliminated, more than 40 road fields (houses) have been divided into different families, more than 10,000 roadside trees have been replanted and more than 8,000 trees painted, 70 large machinery and transport vehicles have been dispatched, and more than 400 cadres and the masses, public welfare posts, road guards and cleaners have been dispatched.Strive to create a “smooth, clean, comfortable, beautiful, safe” rural road traffic environment, improve the rural road network capacity and appearance, to ensure road safety and smooth.