Like water goes down and holds everything up, is this the Tao

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Share the essence of Sinology, wen Dao benevolent advise.Wang Fengyi does not complain about humanization: just like water, just hold everything up, is this the Way?Wang Shanren said: people’s psychology is always high, and they all love each other.Which governor is all bad in high, bad in good, good, high where is the way?People are not open eyes, read the road wrong!You do what others do not, you pick up what others abandon, that is virtue, that is tao.It is like the water going down and holding up all things, so that nature is subject to you and nature is subject to you.Unfortunately, people love to rob, refused to go down, so far away from the road!The superior good is like water, the superior good is great virtue;Dadeok: If water.The preciousness of water is that it flows downwards, to the lowest point, to the bottom, to the top, to the bottom, to the bottom, to the bottom.The reason why it can hold up is that water can contain all things, nourish all things, turn desolation into green, and endless.The road is not high nor good, and in the low place of bad up to good support;As water goes down and holds everything up, this is the Tao.Low life, bitter life, happy business, less than the extreme not for the road!Good people say, “All men are afraid of being in hot water, afraid of dying in it, but those who do not know good fame die on fame, and those who do not know good fortune die on profit. They are in hot water every day, and they do not know it.Good people know that giving up fame means “going into fire without burning” and giving up money means “going into water without drowning”.Others learn tao first learn, learn rich, others learn high, learn to speak knowledge, good people learn tao first learn damage, learn poor, so no one can catch up with him!First to be satisfied to fall to the bottom, content to get tao, this is the secret to tao.Tao is the way of heaven, everyone has it, does not leave people.Why can’t people get it now?For example, a bean, with seedlings must be up degree of pulp, the bean grain became.People also have a foundation. They always think about their own foundation. When they earnestly ask for three months, they will get it.Good high is greedy;Fear of bad is sticky;Good is evil;Too bad is wicked;He who fails to do his duty loses his destiny.Only a good word, heroes are hurt!What is a good man?We all think we’re good people, so why don’t we get what we want?In fact, if you think you are a good man, no good will come to you. You are already a bad man. Compare yourself with wang Shanren and see what you look like.Can you do your duty with a clear conscience?Only these two points we can not do, how can we talk about good people?As water goes down and holds everything up, this is the Tao.Enlightenment is empty, a piece of light!May Maitabha Prajna illuminate the lives of the people, and everyone see blessing on the auspicious!(Li Songyang 2022 Gregorian Calendar 0205 Very wealth News Road propagation 01560)