Henan Run the end of the year, the peak of the high purchase of golf, jia brigade limited time discount 10 million

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Faw-volkswagen SUV family New Year multiple gifts to welcome the New Year, consultation telephone: 13283873345】 New Year limited free car rental gift: 10% down payment, monthly rent from 988 yuan, the first three months of rent-free, Volkswagen SUV drive home.At the end of the term, you can choose from three options: renewal, purchase and termination.Content: Song Exploration T-ROC: monthly rent from 988 yuan;Tanyue family: monthly rent from 1088 yuan;New Year car replacement gift: the old car against the down payment, can enjoy up to 8,000 yuan replacement subsidy, as low as 35 yuan a day;Content: Song exploration T-ROC: Maximum can enjoy replacement subsidy 4000 YUAN;For old cars, the down payment can be as low as 35 yuan a day.Tan Yue family: maximum can enjoy replacement subsidy 6000 yuan: old car against the down payment, the daily supply as low as 45 yuan;To enjoy replacement subsidy 8000 yuan: old car to the down payment, as low as 80 yuan per day;New Year old customer gift: old customer replacement subsidy to 15000 YUAN;T-roc: Old customers can enjoy replacement subsidy of 5000 YUAN;Tanyue family: old customers can enjoy replacement subsidy of 8000 yuan;Embrace environment Talagon: old customers can enjoy replacement subsidies of 15000 yuan;Promotion time from February 01, 2022 to February 03, 2022 Golf · Jiayu latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Zhengzhou quotation 200TSI Automatic curiosity type pure edition 14400 yuan 10,400 yuan 13400 yuan 200TSIAutomatic curiosity model 157,800 yuan 147,800 yuan 280TSI Automatic curiosity model 164,800 yuan 10,800 yuan 154,800 yuan 280TSI Automatic traveling model 192,800 yuan 10,800 yuan 182,800 yuan 280TSIAutomatic watchman 180,800 yuan 10,800 yuan 170,800 yuan