Gather your mind, gather your strength

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People frequently to early spring Right endeavour February 7, the first working day after the Spring Festival of the old city people’s court accepting heart all policemen gather force quickly switch from “vacation mode” to “work mode” with a new look and full of enthusiasm into the work of the New Year press New Year justice for the people of the “fast forward button” party condolences to send blessings courtyard party visits condolences TingShi policemen,I would like to send my post-holiday greetings and best wishes to all of you, and encourage you to make further efforts in the New Year. With a high spirit and a full working state, we should strengthen our confidence, mobilize all our energy, work together and work together, roll up our sleeves, and strive to push all our work to a new level.Epidemic prevention is not lax security security personnel for the New Year the first batch of security and epidemic prevention inspections to court the parties, the epidemic prevention and control card points on duty police officers still stand on the position of the community, you have to use the actual action to defend the court, the old “security clearance”, to protect the people personal safety and the judicial organs work order.Filing services are considerate. The staff at the filing Windows are dressed neatly, and the litigation services such as consultation, receiving visits, filing, payment and materials collection and transfer are in an orderly manner.Court mediation in all the various divisions were in offline and online way, causing the department’s “first hammer” in the New Year, whether the judge, the judge assistant, or the court clerk, their own people, according to methodically refer to file, writes a letter, telephone conciliation, finish everything trial work together.Carry on carrying forward “desperately three lang” spirit, county execution, mediation, delimit, seal up, trace…Exhaust the means of execution, only to timely cash the litigant’s rights and interests.Logistics support to add power to the comprehensive office, the ministry of Political affairs, audit management office and other logistics departments of the police are not willing to be left behind, make a plan for the work of the whole year in advance, with a serious and responsible attitude to carry out file filing, information entry, equipment maintenance, data sorting……Treat bit details seriously, do a good job in the rear safeguard work.Up and down with the same desire to win, the wind and rain of the boat.The title page of the Spring Festival has been opened, and practical work is the most eye-catching word.In the New Year, the old city court will firmly grasp the most beautiful spring scenery of the year, stimulate the “strong spirit” and exert its “strong strength”. It will not forget its original desire to riring its strong feelings, work hard in judicial execution, and strive to make the people feel fairness and justice in every judicial case.