Sun’s grandfather, Zhu Fukan, returned to Shanghai from Shandong province alone for medical treatment, and xu Wei took him in

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Sun Xiaoyun s grandfather, Zhu Fukan, returns to Shanghai alone from Shandong province for medical treatment. Xu Wei takes him in.Lu Xiuhui zhu Fukan (September 30, 1902 — November 3, 1989) was born in Yinxian county, Zhejiang Province, and moved to Shanghai. His original name was Yifang, courtesy name baixing, alias jingxiang. He changed his name to Qi, Fukan, Yifukan after 40 years old.Joo Hyo-hong, joo s grandfather, had a fleet of dozens of large sand boats called Hayeongyu, which in fact went to the South Sea to trade in salt and became a giant merchant by smuggling.Zhu Fukan’s father zhu Jieyong, who grew up in a rich family, often gathered people to gamble. When he got into trouble with usury, he tried to take the family law seriously and punished the unfilial son. Terrified, the 18-year-old fled to Shanghai overnight.After he came to Shanghai, he founded Nanyang Advertising Company, General Electric Company and served as the chief editor of Shanghai Jiji News.During the Revolution of 1911, he participated in the civil Rights Newspaper founded by Dai Jitao.In 1911, ten-year-old Zhu Fuku started a revolution. Dai Ji-tao, who was living in his house, cut off his pigtail and was forced to make a revolution by dai Ji-tao’s harsh intervention.Zhu jieyong and Dai Jitao’s father was a good friend, Dai Jitao’s father died early, before his death, Dai Jitao entrusted to Zhu Jieyong.Dai Jitao’s growth, zhu Jieyong’s efforts.At the age of 17, Joo bok-kan became the youngest member of the Haeungyeonggeokwan Calligraphy and Painting Society.There will be calligraphy and painting activities, and he will go in and out with Wu Changshuo. This old and young man is often admired. Wu changshuo calls Zhu Fuku “a little friend”.In spring, Zhu fuku catches the attention of Chang Mi-ik, the prime minister of Nanyang Public School, who learns that he is from his hometown and asks to meet his father at a hometown meeting in Ningbo.Zhu Jieyong was overjoyed and immediately agreed.When his father Joo Je-yong takes him to visit Jang mi-ik, Joo bok-kan says, Why should I go to him when someone wants to see me?Joo bok-kan s encounter with Jang is a blessing in his life.Zhang accepted Him as an apprentice and patiently gave him advice. After Zhang returned to his hometown and settled down in his old age, the two men corresponded constantly, with nearly 200 letters from Zhang stored in zhu’s house, mostly instructing him in his study, art and life.In her later years, Zhang meiyi lived a quiet life and was fond of making friends. She took Zhu Fukan to meet many celebrities.Kang Youwei, Feng Junmu, Zhu Guwei, Shen Zengzhi, Luo Zhenyu, Zheng Xiaoxu, Xu Naichang, Zhang Yishan, etc., are often friends of Chang Meiyi.Shuo Yan Ya Ji opened Zhu Fukan’s vision, edified him and enriched his knowledge.In September, Zhang and Zhu Fuku traveled to Hangzhou to urge li Shutong, a monk at Lingyin Temple, to return to secular life, and Zhu met Master Hongyi.Zhu Fukan graduated from the Shanghai Sino-French School in 1919 at the age of 18, fluent in French.When Zhang daqian came back from Japan and saw his works in Shanghai’s Jiuhuatang, he mistook Zhu Fukan for an old gentleman. When he visited his teacher, he knew he was a young man.Zhu Fukan introduces Zhang Daqian as a disciple of Zeng Xi.In July 1922, Zhu Fukan worked in Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce as assistant to Vice President Fang Jiaobo.In October, he donated many paintings and calligraphy with Sha Menghai for disaster relief in Ningbo.In November, Samenghai came to Shanghai from Ningbo, bringing a letter from Zhang Meiyi, asking him to lead Samenghai to tijin Hall to visit Wu Zang Nunnery, but did not meet.In December, Shameng Hai to the book, asked him to guide wu Changshuo, lead Shameng Hai to Wu Changshuo residence, Shameng Hai to worship from Wu Changshuo as a teacher.On November 5, 1923, he married Chen Renmei, zhang Meiyi’s granddaughter, at 30 Dingxin Street, Ningbo.Zhang Meiyi died the following year.In the summer of 1927, Joo bought an imported car, Stipac.It has a streamlined, rose-purple body with a black roof, eight cylinders and license plate number 9899.When Chiang kai-shek married Song Mi-ling on December 1, he got married through A car borrowed by Fan Hak-yan, the brother-in-law of Zhu Bokkan and deputy secretary general of the Central Bank.In August 1928, when Chiang kai-shek became the chairman of the Nationalist government in Nanjing, he sent Shao Lizi, the general secretary of the National Revolutionary Army, to Shanghai and invited Zhu Fukan to be the general secretary of the Nationalist government.Zhu Fukan declined the post of secretary general after a trip to Nanjing with Shao.Nanjing trip, know martial artist Wan Lai sound.In 1932, the Nationalist government borrowed money from the United States to buy firearms and materials to prepare for the Anti-Japanese War. Sun Xiangxi, minister of finance, bought a piece of high-quality jade with 3,000 yuan and asked MAO Gentao, minister of finance of the United States, to carve a seal as a gift.Zhu Fukan wrote “MAO Gentao” and asked Zhou Weiquan to carve it with a machine.After this event spread, the domestic big capitalists also began to be popular jade seals, scrambling to buy high-quality jade, rong Baozhai handled by Zhu Fuku seal, embellish gold for 300 silver yuan per word.He was involved in the robbery of Xinhua Bank in Xiafilu in 1934.The French inspector general of the French Concession presented Zhu with a silver Branning pistol, which was later borrowed by His brother, Kim Yong-chang.When the bank robbery took place, one of the robbers was arrested with the gun, and it was known that Kim was working for him. The police suspect Zhu Fukan as an insider, and he escaped when they arrested him.Fortunately, the arrest of criminal lawyers and Lu Xiaoman and others for his multi-point intercetion, the final fine of 300 silver dollars, the French landlady to hand over the deed of the house as collateral, will be the matter to his solution.Shanghai fell in November 1937.The next year, Zhu Fuku fled to Wuhan and found out that Jin Longzhang was in the Dabie Mountains. He was kidnapped by liu Qiong, a bandit, and worshied as “military adviser” and “chief of staff”.When Liu Qiong was surrounded by the Japanese army, Liu Qiong scattered and Zhu Fukan detuo.And encountered bandits, bandits robbed his diamond watch, pure gold cigarette case should be a property, only a gold belt buckle bandits do not know and save, but also nearly died.In 1940, when he was in Wuhan, the puppet regime asked him to be the chairman of the “Calligraphy and Painting Association” in Wuhan.In 1941, he changed his name to Zhu Qi and took fu kan. From then on, he took fu kan in the world.Zhu Fukan narrowly escaped death several times. In the second half of 1942, he met bandits in Dabie Mountain once.American planes bombed wuhan occupied by the Japanese army, was knocked unconscious by a bomb one meter away from the side, almost killed;In 1943, while trying to return to Shanghai, he fell overboard and almost drowned.In 1958, the Shandong provincial government asked Shanghai for help to build an exhibition hall for Industrial Exchange. At that time, Shandong and Shanghai were under the jurisdiction of east China, and Zhu fukan was sent to Jinan as a professional to design the Exhibition Hall for Industrial Exchange of Shandong Province.The big plaque “Shandong Agricultural Exhibition Hall” at the front gate of Shandong Agricultural Exhibition Hall is also written by Zhu Fukan.In October 1960, the work of “Agricultural Exhibition Hall” stopped abruptly and the staff was disbanded.Shandong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Forestry sponsored “Shandong art teachers, art workers learning class” in order to solve the problems of these specialized talents.Zhu fukan is in charge of the curriculum, teaching Chinese painting, calligraphy, oil painting, design, pattern and other courses.In the first half of 1964, Zhu Fukan was assigned by the Shandong Provincial government to work at the CPPCC of Tai ‘an County, Shandong Province.Leisure, poetry, he lives at the foot of Mount Taishan, natural little chant Mount Taishan, he has “Yue Wang” a poem said: Majestic daiyue even tianzhu, green zhang Biluan stack ten thousand layers.Jade Palace tianmen square inch box, ladder steps slender rope.Pine forest mo Zhuo cuimicro point, smoke eventually suspected steam.Until the Mid-Autumn Ling extremely, pull will bright moon as a lamp.In 1966, during the “Robbery of the Third And fifth Dynasties”, the Central Government issued the “May 16th Notice”, requiring party committees at all levels to immediately stop implementing the “February Outline” and seize the leadership in the cultural field, and calling on “bourgeois representatives” of the Party, government, military and cultural sectors to fire fiercely.Zhu Fuku history is a problem, he in Shanghai for the Qingbang big character generation, Hongbang Red Flag old five, Dai Ji tao also made him a lieutenant general, he is no problem enough to “historical counter-revolution”!Fortunately, the Shandong Red Guards did not grasp this information, and he was criticized, paraded and confiscated as a “reactionary academic authority”.After c afternoon, he made “recall jiangnan • answer a kind of kui fu” : I departed, old sigh withered;Alone in all directions without strong, eight relief life.Infinite sunshine.He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1979 when an X-ray of his lung revealed a shadow the size of a walnut.At this point, Zhu fugu breaks up with Ge Weizong, who goes to Hong Kong. Her daughter Xia Meng is a famous film actress.Zhu Fugu returned to Shanghai alone, fortunately, his female disciple Xu Wei accepted him, he lived in Jiaozhou Road 170 Lane 6 Xu Wei home.Xu Wei is more than 30 years younger than Zhu Fukan. Xu Wei learned poetry and calligraphy from Zhu Fukan in the past, but it is rare that Xu Wei still remembers the old Germany.Xu Wei is gentle and elegant, and takes care of Zhu Fukan to the hospital for examination and treatment.After a period of treatment, the disease was brought under control.After leaving the hospital, Zhu Fugu with Xu Wei both back in Shanghai, between Mount Taishan, Xu Wei meticulous care of Zhu Fugu’s life, Zhu Fugu fell in love again, Xu Wei spent the last time with him.At 8:17 a.m. on November 3, 1989, Mr. Zhu Fukan passed away in Shanghai Huadong Hospital.Zhu Fuku is good at calligraphy, especially from the Zhou dynasty to the Qin and Han dynasties. He has a poem called Answer to questions, which can prove this heart: Oracle bone and bell tripod from shang and Zhou dynasty, general name of large seal character is ancient Zhou Dynasty.Straight xionghun receive jade chopsticks, vertical and horizontal quite jin pull steel.Stroke stroke Tibetan edge, with ink dry wet points.Ask how to write big seal script, there are no tricks at all.Zhu Fukan is an omnipotent master, complete with poetry, calligraphy and seals.Occasionally painting, high character, painted figures, landscape, flowers and birds, animals are in and out of seal script lines, reflecting the ancient Chinese painting magnificent style.Mr. Zhu Fukan has a profound literary culture and a good command of poetry. Therefore, most of his poems are inscribed in his paintings. Poetry, painting and calligraphy are of top quality.Zhu Fukan worked hard on Xu Shen’s Shuo Wen Jie Zi, saying, “Nine thousand three hundred and fifty-three, including the head and tail.Letter handwritten to big and small seal characters, history zhouli like acquaintance.”A text, from beginning to end.All his life he fought his way through art.He was endowed with wisdom and knowledge.More importantly, he studied art day and night, including shang and Zhou dynasties, Qin, Han, Wei and Jin dynasties, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, stone and calligraphy, ancient poetry, ancient prose and ancient ci, bronze and ancient jade.With the discovery of oracle bones and the discovery of bronzes and ancient jades, figures like Zhu Fukan are in greater need.The discovery of the Qin-zhao edition is evidence of Zhu Fu-kan’s wisdom. Otherwise, who can know what it is?Zhou zi has his research on ancient pottery character, zhou Wen, brick character, Qin and Han bamboo slips.Lu Xiuhui wrote a poem, “For Zhu Qi Fu Kan Song,” which said, “I took the road far and near, and almost died out of danger.People go with the sand, cold qing melancholy cut.Ben from wealth, the eyes of the phoenix.Wutong not interesting, cast off to thin.Stream water leaves to the number of white hair gu ying.The journey is difficult for them, or the springs dry.Illness difficult to think of food, thousands of miles back to Shanghai.Former old disciple, now newly married.Poetry and calligraphy seal, predecessors bound ancient law.And with shoes which were empty.Schzhouli edition, bronze antique jade too.Zhuan method into the painting, running shu Rong Qin Mu.Before the ancient Indian chase, free and unfettered nature.The mountain is full of clouds, melancholy twilight rain.Zhouzhoupingji good, raise art win all music.Late age shengshi years, Fenggong Kylin Pavilion.