Huangling traffic police actively prohibited “drunk on duty” self-inspection work

2022-07-20 0 By

Sunshine news (reporter Shi Chao) in order to effectively do a good job during the Spring Festival transportation huangling county road traffic safety, ensure smooth work, resolutely curb the “drunk post” phenomenon occurs, strictly grasp the team management.According to the unified arrangements and requirements of the Public Security Bureau of Huangling County, on February 10, the traffic police brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Huangling County carried out the special rectification work of discipline style. In the form of unannounced inspection, the police and auxiliary police of the brigade carried out the self-inspection of “no alcohol”.Self-inspection work, deputy instructor, office director Han Dandan set an example, the first to accept the test, and with the office, the legal squadron police together with the rapid investigation stick and alcohol tester for police, auxiliary police one by one alcohol test.The traffic patrol police squadron in accordance with the brigade discipline style special rectification requirements, actively organized civilian auxiliary police for alcohol testing, after testing, brigade all civilian auxiliary police are not “drunk on duty” phenomenon.Through carrying out the self-inspection work within the whole brigade, carrying out self-inspection and self-rectification in an all-round way with the attitude of “forging iron requires one’s own hardness”, further ensuring the purity of huangling public security traffic police team, better maintaining the overall image of Huangling traffic police, and strictly observing the bottom line of discipline.The brigade requires all the people to assist the police: first, strictly implement the “six strictly prohibited” regulations of the Ministry of Public Security, develop the habit of self-restraint and mutual reminding, and effectively change the wrong idea that “no drinking is not lively, no drinking is not atmosphere”, and institutionalize and normalize the work of regulating and treating alcohol.Second, we should combine the actual work, always maintain the situation of high pressure and strict control of the “prohibition of alcohol”, recognize the far-reaching harm of illegal drinking to individuals, families and units, and resolutely avoid accidents or problems on the “alcohol” issue.Third, the brigade will continue to implement the “six strictly prohibited” provisions to take irregular, non-positioning spot check, and strive to make the whole police firmly establish the “bottom line thinking” and “red line consciousness” through the means of supervision, truly “dare not drink, can not drink, do not want to drink” ethos rooted in the team, improve the police discipline consciousness.Four is as the law enforcement, self-check drinking to become a normal working day, duty preparation, business training and major security period, must not touch alcohol, drinking.Editor: Li Cheng