What should I do if I can’t call a surrogate driver after drinking during the Spring Festival?

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Shenzhen (CNS) — On February 1, traffic police in Shenzhen seized 3 cases of drunk driving and 6 cases of drunk driving, and a total of 9 cases of drunk driving.Traffic police in Dongguan launched a crackdown on drunk driving on The night of January 29.Around 10 p.m., hwang was driving a black car with no license plate (temporary license plate) when police stopped him for inspection. When he opened the window, he smelled alcohol.By breath test, its detection result was 111mg/100ml.See this situation, duty personnel immediately huang mou to the hospital for blood test.After the test, the results show that Huang’s blood alcohol level is 120mg/100ml, belongs to drunk driving.Recently, foshan traffic police in Guanyao town, Nanhai district to carry out a night investigation of drunk driving, a car quickly drove to the checkpoint.After traffic police stop, car driver Zhao suddenly get out of the car to escape, traffic police immediately catch up to control it.After breath alcohol test, Zhao’s blood alcohol content is 27mg/100ml, belongs to drunk driving.Subsequently traffic police on zhao’s behavior was severely criticized education, and according to law to make a 12 points, a fine of 2000 yuan, temporary seizure of driving license for six months of punishment.During the Spring Festival, guangdong traffic police launched a night campaign to check drunk driving. Some of the drivers who were arrested explained that they had to take the risk of driving under the influence of alcohol because there was a shortage of proxy drivers.① No matter how much money you spend, it’s better than an accident.② Can not be called on behalf of the driver is the reason for drunk driving?③ Don’t drive after drinking, this is for others (safety) but also for their own (safety).④ Don’t take any chances to drink driving, harm yourself, dangerous!No matter what, don’t drink and drive home.It is worth mentioning Some drunk drivers see traffic police will drink water, chewing gum Want to let the alcohol content drop down in the mouth Actually it is no use alcohol meter detection of gas from the lungs And not just in the oral cavity of the lung gas not because a few saliva can be diluted by the traffic police to the best way to drunk driving Just don’t drink and driveGuangdong traffic police statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com