Laiwu district held a training course on the management information System for key personnel in epidemic prevention and control

2022-07-19 0 By

To further strengthen the deployment and application of the management system for key personnel of COVID-19 prevention and control in Shandong Province, and realize the fine management of key personnel at isolation points.On the morning of April 6, laiwu district township (street) health center (community health service center) related staff in the district CDC to participate in the management information system training.The Work Plan for Accelerating THE INFORMATION-based Support for COVID-19 Prevention and Control issued by the Office of the Provincial Leading Group (Headquarters) puts forward the following requirements: 1. Supporting the accurate control of key personnel through information-based means is an important means to strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic.All levels must strengthen thought understanding, comprehensive application key personnel management system.Second, it is necessary to specify special personnel to be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of system data, and timely “dynamic clearance” of the existing list.Third, strict data security, effectively protect the personal privacy of key personnel.The person in charge of the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Department of the District CDC gave a careful explanation of the system operation and data maintenance. On the training site, participants actively participated in the training, carefully recorded it and actively asked questions.The Center will take this training as an opportunity to effectively improve the information management ability of key personnel in the prevention and control of COVID-19 in Laiwu District, so as to achieve timely, effective and continuous improvement, and build a solid defense line against COVID-19 in Laiwu District.