Creative pull full!Henan spring night new “year universe”!

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The 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala has made new innovations in the field of traditional culture and achieved self-transcendence with a “party that is not like a party”.How will tang Palace celebrate Chinese New Year this year?Where will the Year of the Tiger take you?The 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala kicks off on Jan 30.With the theme of “Tiger generates Wind in China”, the gala extended the time, upgraded the creativity and continued the cultural tone, integrating dance, skits, opera and instrumental music to achieve “self-transcendence” in new forms and new ideas.With the new!As soon as the official line-up of the 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala has been announced, it has aroused a lot of interest from the audience — we pay attention to whether the IP of tang Palace Banquet and the Series of “Chinese Festivals” are “new”.How will the “shangxin” show be presented?At the beginning of the party, the cartoon version of Tang Xiaomei in the fluttering red silk spinning out of the “real” Tang Xiaomei, King Kong, Luo God……The “extended version” of the 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala kicked off with the arrival of the coveted Tang Palace IP.”The size of the gala is indeed very large, with 19 programs and nearly 120 minutes, almost four times that of the ‘Chinese Festival’ series,” Chen Lei, chief director of the 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala, said in an interview. In front of such a large size, it is necessary to combine previous experience and avoid stereotypical patterns.Scene-oriented programs, live-action virtualization, diversified performances…It was, in the creator’s words, “a party without a party.”As a result, audiences have seen the bold combination and creative expression expected at the 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala.Song and dance, sketch, dance, opera, crosstalk, these artistic forms are the standard match of the party, whether “out of the circle”, the key depends on how creativity, and how creativity carries the culture.The song and dance show “Shenzhou Door God” combines classical dance, martial arts and other action elements in traditional culture with popular hip-hop dance.The creative song and dance show “World Peace” explains TCM culture from the perspective of the balance of Yin and Yang and the five elements system.The creative tai Chi program “Next Second”, guided by the philosophical thinking of Tai Chi and expressed by modern dance, presents a “Tai Chi program without Tai Chi”…For this series of creativity, “Chinese festival” series program executive planning Cheng Wanli introduced, all programs are original, to ensure that the pace of innovation does not stop, whether it is technical level or stage, clothing, have done a cross-border integration.Creative not only has the program, but also to “Tang Palace” and other series OF IP continuous extension.In two hours, popular tang Xiaomei, King Kong and other images instead of the host series the audience, cartoon accompanied by real people, fun doubled.In 2021, Henan SATELLITE TV incubated a lot of IP images, in the Spring Festival Gala will be a series of images with animation and other combinations, henan SATELLITE TV exploration of cultural content and cultural innovation and development combined a answer.”Henan TV is so creative!”The review runs from 2021 to 2022.The difference is that this year’s Henan Spring Festival Gala not only has the creativity of the platform, but also has the audience expression of “I will make the Henan Spring Festival Gala”.The song “People’s Rivers and Mountains” is highly praised by netizens, so it will be presented in the evening of 2022 Henan Spring Festival in the form of live performance and AR special effects synthesis.When the gala not only interacts with the audience at the communication level, but also has more “gala” attributes and warm expression, the idea of holding the Gala open will become an endless source of creativity, which has a new impetus for the inheritance of traditional culture.During the Spring Festival in 2021, the Spring Festival Gala of Henan SATELLITE TV gained a lot of attention with its show “Banquet at Tang Palace”.In the following year, Dragon Boat Festival wonderful underwater flying, Tanabata wonderful dragon Gate king Kong……The “Chinese Festival” series has repeatedly been “out of the ring”.The 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala has more programs and creative expressions, but the fresh expression of traditional culture is still the “core”. The most prominent thread of the gala is the interpretation of “Year” culture. The program team also gave a very creative concept — “Year universe”.During the planning of the 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala, five key words about “year” were selected — going home, refreshing, peace, blessing and guarding happiness. Five chapters were formed around these five key words to form the concept of “year universe”.The dance program “Fengnian” disassembs the character “Nian” on oracle bone inscriptions to show the harmonious coexistence between man and nature with the time-honored folk culture.The dance show “Lantern Red” shows the Chinese nation’s wishes and blessings for the New Year by deconstructing the images of lanterns such as bamboo frames, red silk, tassels and gold foil.”If the ‘Chinese Festivals’ series focuses more on discovering highlights from traditional culture, the 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala hopes to build on that and present expressions that closely match The Times,” Chen said.Women’s Order is performed by Ling Yun, a descendant of Emei School, and nine pop dancers, showing strong and resolute female qualities.”Yellow River Mud Baby” integrates the animation “mud baby” into the dance, and fits the modern people’s perception by adding the sense of science and technology, the sense of The Times and the sense of fun.Disassemble the concept of “nian” in traditional culture and find the space for ancient and modern dialogue in strengthening tradition.The 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala explores the culture of the Central Plains and expands to the presentation of Chinese culture, making the ancient rhyme and present a vivid connection point.When the dance program “National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance” was beautifully presented, the party opened fresh and fashionable flowers on the cultural background.Eleven young dancers gathered on stage to portray historical figures such as Bai Juyi, Di Renjie, Shangguan Waner, Li Chunfeng and Yuan Tiangang, using dance art to tell their stories in Luoyang, Henan province, the eastern capital of the Tang Dynasty.In the Chinese-style dance, there is the profile of the prosperous Tang Dynasty, as well as the admiration and inheritance of culture for thousands of years.Find rhymes in traditional culture and show them in diversified ways. The whole evening party completes the temperament through such internal logic.After the show was broadcast, the topic quickly topped the list of most searched topics on social media.A netizen commented, “Focusing on the hot spots of the past year, all the programs are naturally linked together without a host, but each program has a distinct, warm and touching theme.”In the process of improving the audio-visual content of radio and television, henan SATELLITE TV’s “Chinese Festival” series has broken the circle by “year” and become the phenomenon expression in the industry.Talking about the creation of password, Chen Lei summed up as — from the Oriental aesthetics, build a good Chinese story frame, to tell the world about the continuous Chinese traditional culture.From radio and television review source: Guangming network comprehensive Henan education broadcasting