Consumerism under the Valentine’s Day | an alternative money transaction

2022-07-19 0 By

Under all kinds of commercial propaganda and packaging, it seems that every holiday has become “Valentine’s Day”.What 214, 520, Tanabata, anniversary, birthday, Christmas, New Year, even double 11 /618 and so on time node, what festival can be over into valentine’s day, the whole year seems to have a lot of valentine’s day……Really too let the heart tired, especially let the man heart tired……..In these festivals (whether traditional or artificial), during the anniversary of the day, birthday, all kinds of network public opinion propaganda, will begin to preach “love must have the sense of ritual”, “love her give her to buy buy buy”, “men are not willing to spend money for you is not really love you” “you so cheap gift, shows that he does not pay attention to you”…And so on, will require to buy gifts for the object, buy flowers, send a big red envelope to each other is really love each other;My boyfriend & amp;Husband, seems to take it for granted in these so-called special moments, for girlfriend.The wife spends the money, as if it were a given that the man should pick up the TAB, creating romance and surprise for them.These dates, will be required to prepare surprises for each other, is a “sense of ritual”;Must send a gift, and the more expensive the better, otherwise it is not enough love, otherwise it is dig or dig a door, it is not face, do not have a man’s bear, to the woman not hard…….Men who spend a lot of money, give expensive gifts, make surprises and create a sense of ceremony, become the “boyfriend of others” to be touted, and become the “model boyfriend” to encourage positive publicity.If you forget to prepare gifts, do not buy gifts, buy gifts not expensive enough, not enough to make each other happy, but also be put on the Internet ridicule, be blamed for a long time……..It’s really a consumer.The trap of righteousness is a stunt created by businessmen in order to make people’s money.It’s like diamonds. There are enough diamonds in the world for each person to be 20 carats. It’s not that rare.In like now a lot of common items, after packaging premium dozens of times more numerous, and among them a large number of defective products, like the cost of dozens of dollars, but sell you 1500 yuan of a brand down jacket.So don’t be bound by this kind of consumerism, love culture, everything is linked to money, so that people in order to surprise, gifts, ritual feeling and many unhappy and contradictory.These deliberately artificial “Valentine’s Day”, sometimes become a stumbling block to the pursuit of happiness, love, marriage.Rituals, surprises and gifts in love, marriage and life are loved, and it’s important and necessary to design them to keep the relationship fresh and uplifting.However, people are very adaptable, and a surprise or two is blissful. Too often it becomes routine.Too often surprises, and they become no surprises at all;Too often deliberately to create a sense of ritual, there is no sense of ritual;The ritual feeling and surprise deliberately pursued, the flowers and gifts deliberately requested, are not the kind of natural, but will only let the inner vanity get satisfied, but not the warmth and happiness in the feelings.Whether the gift is expensive, how much money is spent on another person, whether there are many surprises, does not have a positive correlation with the depth of the relationship, how much you have the ability to do a lot of things, do not be bloated and fat, let alone in the name of love to moral constraints on how others must pay for you.In addition, the two-way, two-way pay and gain of the relationship is happiness, if the long-term only one side of the unilateral pay to prepare surprises, gifts, prepare a sense of ritual relationship, is not healthy, is not long.Not only should you give thanks and positive feedback when you receive gifts, surprises, and gifts from others, but you should also give and give what the other person wants, both in return and not just in one direction.In marriage and love, ritual, small surprises, small gifts are important, but not the most important thing. It is true love, mutual support, mutual understanding, mutual trust, mutual achievement, and comfort, joy and happiness together that are the most important.