Why is Jingshan worth visiting every day when the entrance fee is 2 yuan

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Jingshan wanchun Pavilion on the top of the hill and qiwanglou at the foot of the hill Beijing people do not know jingshan, dozen children to go, write this have what meaning?In fact, it may be too familiar to forget the value of his treasure.Jingshan is located in the core of Beijing’s old city and on the central axis.Many people know that the Liao, Jin and Yuan dynasties built a palace nearby and a pool of clear water (today’s Beihai, Zhonghai and Nanhai), and dug up the earth into a hill.In Ming Dynasty, coal was piled here, so it is also called coal Hill.In 1957, it became one of Beijing’s first cultural relics protection sites, one of the earliest parks in the city.Today, the entrance fee is just 2 yuan.I think it’s worth visiting every day if you can.I have summarized five key words.Key words: axis Beijing axis is applying for world cultural heritage, in fact, the application does not apply, also does not damage the magnificent aesthetic feeling and historical value of the axis.It is we who have destroyed its value, and then applying for a world Heritage list is just a remedy.On the old central axis, Jingshan is the commanding height, including the wanchun Pavilion at the top of the mountain, 62 meters high.It was called Long live Mountain in Ming Dynasty, alias Coal Mountain, and Jingshan in Qing Dynasty.The most striking buildings on Jingshan are the five pavilions. In the middle is the Wanchun Pavilion, flanked by jifang Pavilion and Guanmiao Pavilion, and on the extreme edge are the Fulan Pavilion and Zhou Appreciation Pavilion.These pavilions were built during the Reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty.Since there are restrictions on building height in the old city, standing on the Wanchun Pavilion offers a panoramic view of Beijing.Due south is the golden Forbidden City, and you can see the square and Zhengyang Gate all the way south along the central axis.Due north, you can see the Drum Tower and even the new Olympic Tower.To the east is a large area of modern buildings, the most eye-catching is the CBD represented by China Zun and International Trade Iii;To the west lies the beautiful North Sea.Undoubtedly, the view here is the most beautiful scenery in Beijing, here is worthy of Beijing’s first scenic spot.So when the weather is good, wanchun Pavilion is always filled with tourists taking photos, often at the expense of high winds.Especially after the snow, photography enthusiasts immediately gathered.Forbidden ChengDong Road flower set off the Forbidden City, tranquility and palace, Huangji Palace southeast can see a line, the Oriental plaza, wangfujing department store building northeast of the imperial palace watchtower palace road, creature door, palace of earthly tranquility, dry qing dynasty palace buildings such as the Forbidden City north east road building, you can see the drum tower and the Olympic tower, pangu grand view of the “leading” is still in its northeast,Is wangjing China and a few tall building, CCTV building, itc three periods of high-rise buildings without shade, clearly visible on the east side, you can see the gallery, and ChaoYangMenWai high-rise buildings, and planes flying over the north sea true grace to Beijing the imperial palace of the white middle road on the west side of the imperial palace, you can see the first historical archives, and the distance of the national grand theatre, so a look,Is indeed a very uncoordinated west can be seen in the distance of the central TV tower on the east side of the incoming street, which used to be on the right is the Beijing’s tallest building, jingguang center Wan Chunting three-layer faced the north sea jade island northwest edge, you can see the north sea the five dragon pavilions jingshan snow in ancient times, here to see the mountains small, is even more than today, but is not the average person can come;Now, the view from Jingshan is more beautiful, with a modern air.Glazed tile pavilions and distant skyscrapers more than a decade ago, there were media reports, from the air shot jingshan, like a statue of meditation, known as the real Wu Da Di.It’s really amazing to look at the pictures, but it’s hard to say whether there’s a link or not, and it certainly doesn’t affect the charm of Jingshan itself.In Chinese characters, crooked neck tree is strongly associated with hanging.Jingshan is famous for the suicide of Zhu Youjian, the Chongzhen emperor of the Ming Dynasty.In the seventeenth year of chongzhen’s reign, Li Zicheng led his army to invade Beijing. Chongzhen rang a bell in the Forbidden City and summoned officials, but no one responded.So he took his eunuch Wang Cheng ‘en to the foot of Jingshan Mountain to hang himself.As the supreme ruler, Zhu Youjian’s level can be basically said to be the lowest in the Ming Dynasty, otherwise he would not have destroyed the country under the background of so many loyal officials and excellent generals.However, when the emperor guards his country and the king dies, there is always something tragic and stirring.Therefore, this crooked neck tree, from the feudal emperor was overthrown by the peasant uprising of the disgrace column, became a place to pay homage to Ming Fan.Unfortunately, the tree is not the same as it was then.In May 1971, the hanging tree in Chongzhen was cut down (see the word, “cut down”).In 1981, the Park Service transplanted a small locust tree with a thick bowl mouth from the southern slope of Jingshan. (I visited it as a child and wondered why the crooked neck tree was so thin.)In 1996, the park replaced the original locust tree with a century-old locust tree with a diameter of 50 cm at DBH from the residential yard of No. 6 Beishuncheng Street, Jianguomen, Dongcheng District.More interestingly, from the introduction here.In the Republic of China, it was called “the place where Mingsizong died”, but now it is called “the place where Chongzhen hanged himself”.In fact, after the liberation of Jingshan just opened, positioning is “Beijing children’s Palace”.The children’s Palace seems to be a word of the last century, with distinct Soviet-style characteristics.In my impression, it should be a place for children to learn happily. Unfortunately, I am not good enough to have lessons here.Once, as the leader of the Hundred team cup to have a meeting, another word to reveal his age.The hundred team Cup football match was an important sport for middle school students at that time.At that time, the main building of the Children’s Palace was the Hall of Longevity Emperor. During the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, the Hall of Longevity Emperor was moved to the central axis due north of Jingshan Mountain, which became the face seen in the air as mentioned above.This hall, nine rooms wide, large-scale, qing Dynasty is to pay respects to the imperial capacity of the past emperors, the royal family often held sacrificial ceremonies here.The Yongzheng emperor had his father, mother and brother yun 禵, his greatest rival, imprisoned there.In 2019, the Hall of Longevity Emperor was officially opened after renovation.The entrance of shouhuang Dian area from the top of the mountain to see the mountain shouhuang Dian area up the tunnel key words four: the elderly choir came to the back of Jingshan mountain, you can hear the song one after another.There are a number of elderly choirs singing here, they sing mainly revolutionary songs.See their energy, also let a person envy.You can’t come to Jingshan without joining in.To Jingshan, many people are carrying a long gun short gun selfie stick.Naturally, in addition to Jingshan, we will also visit one of Beijing’s most famous photography spots, which is the Forbidden City Turret.Whether it’s winter or summer, it’s always packed as long as the weather is good.From the Jingshan gate to see the Palace Museum shenwu Gate Turret west of the Tongzi River, you can see the first historical archives Shenwu Gate and the distant Chinese Statue of the Forbidden City turret and Tongzi River clocked to take snow scenery of course there is a place, to the west, is the North Sea Park and Tuancheng.We will separate the North Sea and the Middle Sea, I once said, driving from west to east, after the Jinao Jade Rainbow Bridge, passing the North Sea, Jingshan, Shenwu Gate, is the most beautiful streets in Beijing.But for well-known reasons, don’t go there to take pictures.To enjoy the beauty of the North Sea, you still need to walk into the park.In addition, there are also some popular online scenic spots nearby, such as Peking University Red Tower, Sino-French University and Zhizhu Temple.To get here, you need to plan your route.Also, dagaoxuan Hall, a royal Taoist temple known as the “Three Gates”, is likely to open in the future.It can be said that one does not know the beauty of Beijing until one comes to Jingshan.The view of the capital from Jingshan makes people feel at ease and reminisces about the past and the present.What are you waiting for?Such as the wind!There are parking lots on the west and north sides of Jingshan, but forget about weekends and holidays and when it snows.But this place can not take a taxi (belongs to the no-parking area), and there is no subway, you can only take a bus.Those of you who carry the equipment need to bear it.The other thing to note here is that you need to have a clear understanding of what you can and can’t shoot.The Palace Museum has a royal cat, Jingshan also has a “bobcat”