“Reasoning institute” integral permission scheme adjustment!Can we see what’s changed

2022-07-18 0 By

“Reasoning College” formerly known as “Killer Online”, is a popular reasoning Q Meng casual game developed and operated by Chongqing Haiyou Technology Co., LTD.Integration of classic and familiar multiplayer board games “Dark please close your eyes” and “Werewolf kill”, once transplanted to the network platform to win the favor of thousands of players!Now, the new board game Bomb-Cat has been added to the big collection of Inference Academy, and you can have fun with your friends!Dear Inference Academy players, It has been a while since the “Weekly Scoreboard – Rest Area Privilege Homeowner” feature was launched. During this period, we have been actively collecting feedback from players. After serious discussion, we will make the following adjustments to the “rest area privilege homeowner” welfare feature:The original distribution of this week’s rest area permission homeowners according to “last week’s score” is changed to “last month’s score” distribution of this month’s rest area permission homeowners.Rest area permissions for homeowners will be in effect each month.Other functions have not been changed.The change will take effect at 00:00 on April 1, 2022. After the change takes effect, the owners of rooms 3001-3010 will be allocated based on the rank of the top 10 players in the “last month’s Ranking”.Thank you for your support and understanding, I wish you a happy game!”Reasoning school” is an entertaining casual game, can help you improve observation ability, logical thinking ability, imagination, judgment, expression ability, psychological quality and performance ability;At the same time, it can also cultivate your team spirit, active group atmosphere, enhance the emotional communication of team members, improve cohesion.Is currently the largest online murder game, rich role setting and various game versions, bring players the most perfect murder game experience.