Monthly delivery over ten thousand just lie to yourself, zero run may be difficult next?

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Not long ago, The Zero-run car announced that it had delivered more than 10,000 cars in March.It was the first time that the monthly sales of zero-run cars exceeded 10,000, up 193% from the previous month.At the same time, zero-run sales in the first quarter came out, the delivery volume in the first quarter reached 21,579 units, an increase of nearly six times year-on-year, comparable to the sum of sales in the first Eight months of last year.It can be seen that after Nezha, zero-run cars also start to make efforts, trying to squeeze into the first echelon of new car-making forces. But can zero-run cars really succeed?Zero-run car sales depend on low-priced models zero-run car was founded in 2012. Currently, zero-run T03, a small zero-run S01 and a medium-sized SUV zero-run C11 are owned by zero-run car.In terms of sales volume, T03 and C11 have the best zero-run sales. By December 31, 2021, the cumulative delivery volume of zero-run T03 is 39,000, accounting for more than 89%.The C11, which started delivery in October 2021, received 22,500 orders, but only 4,678 units had been delivered by the end of December 2021.It can be seen that in the current sales structure of zero-run cars, the minicar zero-run T03 occupies the absolute majority.That is to say, the problem facing zero-range cars is that their sales structure is too dependent on low-priced models.As a result, sales are up, but actual profitability remains a concern.Zero run C11 although there is a stick zero run T03 intention, but from the current consumer reputation, zero run C11 although in cost-effective aspect is very good but its quality has a lot of problems.If you want to replace zero run T03 to become the backbone of sales, still need a period of time to polish the quality and restore the reputation.Delivery volume is not equal to the current sales volume to establish a firm foothold in the new force of car manufacturing, sales of more than ten thousand is obviously the most basic threshold.Although the zero-run car passed the 10,000 mark in March, there are still some differences between deliveries and sales, especially in terms of timeliness.The scheduled sales model of new energy vehicles is very different from the sales model of traditional vehicles. There is often a large gap between the scheduled date and the delivery date, which leads to a great lag in the data shown by the delivery quantity. Only looking at the delivery quantity can not well show the current sales volume of vehicles.For example, with the rising price of raw materials and batteries, zero-run T03 started to increase in price as early as December 28, 2021, and the price of each zero-run T03 in 2022 basically increased by several thousand to ten thousand pieces.This is already a huge increase for a minicar, which affects the cost performance to a considerable extent.On March 22, 2022, Zero-run Auto raised the price of its zero-run C11 series, with the increase reaching 20,000 to 30,000 yuan according to different models. Among them, THE PRICE of C11 premium version and performance version rose 30,000 yuan, becoming the highest model at that time, which is absolutely fatal to the zero-run C11 featuring high configuration and high cost performance.On March 28, Zero-run Auto raised the price of T03 model again by 5000-7000 yuan.At the same time, the T03 entry three models also reduced ESP, body stability system, brake assist, traction control, uphill assist, automatic parking.It can be said that after these three rounds of price increases, zero-run T03 and zero-run C11 have lost their advantages in terms of cost performance, and their sales are expected to have a great impact.But that doesn’t seem to have affected the number of zero-run cars delivered in March, and may not even affect the number delivered in April.Because of the price increase in March, it has no impact on the pre-booked car owners, and it will not affect the delivery volume.However, when the zero-run car will be in the hand before the price of the order consumed, after a significant price increase of zero-run C11 and zero-run T03 price reduction can attract many people to order?In summary, in the new force delivery data of March released so far, Zero-Run Car has won the third place, which seems to have the momentum to march into the first echelon of new force building cars side by side with Nezha.However, after experiencing subsidy withdrawal and price rises, the advantages of zero-run C11 and zero-run T03 in terms of cost performance have become minimal.Especially the current sales of large zero T03, this kind of low micro electric car price reduction, can be said to have existed in name only.It is unlikely that Nezha will continue to receive such a large number of new orders after the orders in hand are delivered.