Flight 13 of the second day of the Chinese New Year tourists from Chengdu and Chongqing to Zigong, Sichuan to experience the “night Tour of Fuxi”

2022-07-18 0 By

Cover news reporter Liu Ke Sheng on the second night of the New Year, Zigong “night tour buxi” Maojiaba Bridge wharf is very busy.On February 2nd, “Night Trip to Puxi” launched 13 flights, receiving about 500 tourists from Chengdu, Chongqing, Neijiang and other places. Its revenue increased by 20% compared with the same period last year, achieving a “good start” of the New Year.It is understood that in order to create a lively and happy festive atmosphere, “Night Tour Puxi” launched the lucky wheel and boat lantern riddle activities, and on the boat for tourists to prepare water and snacks, bring more rich experience.Tourists blow air conditioners, listen to explanations and enjoy a light feast along the way.Experience the ancient charm of the millennium salt city, happy New Year in the fireworks.At the same time, visitors can buy time dragon Knight and impression Zigong series of cultural and creative products on board, and take “Zigong gift” home.