Warm thousands of miles away!Shanfen high speed staff to help two Yunnan elderly smooth homecoming

2022-07-17 0 By

Article, picture/Yangcheng Evening News all media reporter Zhao Yingguang Correspondent Chen Jiehong Chu Jun “The two old people have been safely sent to Yunnan, you rest assured, they let me thank you again!”On the evening of February 18, Guangdong Communications Group affiliated Shanfen high-speed Huxin station received a special “safe” phone call.On the phone, a bus driver from Fujian to Yunnan conveyed a message of thanks to the staff from thousands of miles away.The story began in the afternoon of February 17.Originally, at about 1 o ‘clock in the afternoon, is shanfen high-speed Huxin station toll plaza party member convenience service post on duty staff CAI Zhuoyuan and Yang Shaoting, found two old people in the square edge anxious wandering, immediately came forward to ask.After communication, two old people are from Yunnan, thousands of miles away to Guangdong Province Shantou Chenghai district to do odd jobs, ready to return home, the body of the mobile phone and wallet are lost, can only worry in the highway intersection “waiting for a rabbit”, to see if there is no bus to Yunnan can take them a ride.”Grandma, here vehicles, speed and fast, very unsafe, you see, to our service post sit, we help you pay attention to the past bus good?”After understanding the situation, the staff gently persuaded the elderly, and took them to the convenience service post to rest.It was a cold, rainy season, and the two women were shivering with cold. Ms. Choi and Ms. Yeung brought them hot ginger tea to warm them up and packed some food for them to eat.Later, during our conversation, we learned that the old woman had a piece of paper with her family’s contact information. Therefore, the staff immediately dialed the phone to get in touch with her family and explained the relevant situation.”Thank you so much!We had agreed to come back today, but suddenly we couldn’t get in touch. We were worried to death.Thank you, we just got in touch with a bus driver, who is going to yunnan from Fujian, but he will pass through your toll station, please send them to the bus, thank you!”On the phone, the relatives of the old man kept thanking the staff.”You’re welcome. That’s what we should do.You can rest assured that we will put the old man safely on the bus home.”The staff seriously promised.At about 3:25 p.m., Choi and Yeung put the elderly man in their car and asked the driver to check in with them when they arrived.Before leaving, the old man has been tightly holding the hand of the staff, repeatedly thank.On the evening of February 18, the staff was finally relieved when the bus driver called to say “safe”, and then received a message of thanks from her relatives.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | Huang Tiean