The third stage is the sprint!Three teams could land a playoff berth

2022-07-17 0 By

As the Chinese New Year holiday officially comes to an end, CBA teams have taken the holiday and started preparing for the third phase of the tournament, which is definitely crucial for those teams aiming to make the playoffs. So far, which “marginal teams” can make it to the third phase and make the playoffs?Tianjin basketball (14), for the moment, the ranking league in the second stage for double small outside and burton rochester after two reinforcements, tianjin basketball with the advantages of double outside at the same time is present (poor has this special case in last season), won eight 7 record, which is, on January 19th to 12 points to beat the game’s most ascending shougang team morale.Not surprisingly, they will have John Henson, the third foreign aid, in the third phase of the league, when the strength of tianjin, the league can not ignore the dark horse team, to improve their ranking to the top 12, is not a dream.BeiKong men’s basketball team (11th), for the moment, the ranking league last season, regret at the last minute left behind BeiKong, wouldn’t take no for an answer at the end of the season, but increasing investment, every signed four foreign aid, after the end of the second stage, the team only in 11 to 14 about 14, and the position is not insurance, and even more let person sigh,In the second phase of the final battle with Guangzhou, Beihang first-year rookie Liao Sanning also suffered a serious facial fracture injury, the season ended, but fortunately, they announced the signing of deng Meng, who played in Shanghai last season, his arrival, should temporarily ease the pressure of Beihang back court, with four outside advantages,In addition to the domestic players yu Changdong, Zou Yuchen, Wang Shaojie these formidable warriors, the North control is not without a chance to stabilize their position, in this year’s team history of the second trip to the playoffs.Jilin team (for the moment, the ranking league) 12 second phase of the return of the good is not easy for the core small foreign aid Jones, although at first stage team result is not satisfied, but with the deepening of the season, Jones began in earnest, also let jilin to rediscover the instinctive quality last season’s surprise, after finish to a 117-96 victory over the xinjiang,They are also heading into the third period with a five-game winning streak.Although Jones many times before on social media to express their discontent about jilin, but in the Spring Festival holiday, jilin management also seems to take the corresponding action, reached an agreement in terms of salary and Jones, also let the latter on twitter saying thank you for the team many times, if you can handle the absolute core, jilin in the third phase of the playoffs for the situation,Definitely a very good news.