Star chase wind said: the wind is better to go by the wind

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I don’t know if you notice that?In recent years, there are more embroidery elements on our clothes, more categories of Han clothing in blind boxes, and “National fashion” can be seen everywhere in our life.Focusing on the integration of traditional culture and current trend products, guochao wind is therefore more and more sought after by young people.The word “national tide” has indeed caught fire. At the beginning, it was an expression of young people’s cultural confidence. But after the evolution of recent years, “National tide” actually represents a correct future trend, which is simply the trend of China.Moreover, many young people are also willing to actively promote this trend. Nowadays, they choose articles with “national fashion” elements, which are not only a kind of cultural feelings, but also a new form representing their own personal identity, cool and attitude.From food, clothing and transportation to food and clothing, the atmosphere of the country is getting stronger and stronger.The growth of generation Z is accompanied by the recognition of Chinese culture and the call for the return of Traditional Chinese culture. Their consumption habits are in line with business models such as ip-driven trend and “grass-based consumption”, contributing to the incremental market of chaoplay.As the backbone of Chinese fashion, beauty, cars and movies are their favorites.In the automotive industry where we are, many far-sighted brands have also found the opportunity and launched their own brand marks of National fashion models.What kind of chemical reaction does “guochao + automobile” have after all?Today, let’s take a look at how automobile brands should open the “new national trend” play.Mention the way this new brand you might also feel strange, but I believe not to mention chery people don’t know, you know qi rui is a technology with automakers, car brand campaign in China, to ask who the engine zui to persistent, chery, the institute of male beyond dispute, until today in the technology is also can be called independent brand dui the existence of a brother.There are three reasons: first, the engine factory was set up in 1997. So far, the global users have exceeded 9.8 million, including 1.9 million overseas users.Second, it has applied for more than 20,000 patents in the past 15 years, 10% of which are related to powertrain, and more than 200 patents are related to direct injection engines.Third, Chery’s engines have won the title of “China Heart” top 10 engines.As a middle and high-end brand of Chery, Xingtu officially released its first yi car in 2019. Xingtu focuses on middle and high-end and overseas markets, and its positioning is higher than That of Areze and Ruihu series.The load of the float zhuifeng star as a family of models, named after the Chinese in the third paragraph from naming can see that it’s character, “chase” is a process, represents courage, dare to explore the quality of, while the “wind” is the goal, showing full of passion, dare to enterprising attitude, climbed mountains, not smell things, like zhuifeng juvenile.Star Pursuer this new young name, also implies that it will face the crowd is in control of the consumption discourse power of young people.But really want to move today’s young people, only by the name of the real deal doesn’t work, the first level to meet young people’s aesthetic in appearance, the way a lot although appearance with brand “intellectual sense of aesthetics” design concept, but after the modification on the details, let the car’s front face more aesthetic feeling, but also has a clear identification.Especially the upper part of the front face, inlaid with the car logo black trim, connected to both sides of the LED lights, so that the new car intuitive look very sharp.At the same time, the brand English LOGO moved down to the middle of the net, the new front bumper part more three-dimensional, full.As for the color of the body, the manufacturer also created a new color named flower and wood blue, Sima gray, Yan Zhen green and Li Taibai full of flavor of the body color, it can be said that the country tide breath is full, to show the star road chasing wind guochao attributes, and young people chasing wind hot attitude perfect match.Interiors, central area new the diaphragm drawing material, new black leather seats with red stitching color design, coupled with a 12.3 -inch suspended across type liquid crystal display, SONY hi-fi, music rhythm atmosphere lamp, full open intelligent panoramic sunroof, double automatic air conditioner and air filter, such as grade N95 antibacterial window configuration, quality are guaranteed.It can be described as a sense of technology and atmosphere to pull full.Since the name “chasing the Wind”, the power must be strong, to meet the young people’s pursuit of both the world and poetry and distance.In terms of power configuration, star tuchaser has two power combinations.One power combination is a 1.6T engine with a 7DCT transmission;The 1.6T engine has a maximum power output of 145kW and maximum torque of 290N·m.There is also a dynamic combination is carrying is known as “platinum power combination ACTECO second generation 1.5 T engine and can simulate 9 speed CVT transmission, due to the engine transient response time compared to the transmission of the turbocharger turbocharger increased 35%, so when the engine speed is 1250 RPM, the supercharger has been involved in work,It can output 210N·m of steady-state torque at 1750rpm, and 230N·m of peak torque between 2000rpm and 4000rpm. It has good low torque characteristics and wide output range of peak torque, which can bring dense “push-back feeling” to drivers. Meanwhile, the thermal efficiency of this engine is as high as 37.1%.The 100km acceleration is only 9.7 seconds, and the overall fuel consumption is as low as 6.9L.Be worth what carry is the way a lot of carrying is the first domestic 9 speed CVT stepless transmission, it has been rated as “top ten transmission of the world”, it adopted the new vane pump with high efficiency, a new type of hydraulic torque converter, the new type of hydraulic system and new steel belt, broke through a number of CVT technical barriers, is worthy of the light of “air”, a complete set of powertrain, not only power is strong,Fuel economy is also excellent.At the same time, Star Tuchaser is the application of Bentler master chassis, and in the stabilizer bar, shock absorber, sub-frame and other core chassis components of 15 upgrades, for the driver to bring handy control kuAI feeling.Written in the latest cultural trend, once Chinese young people have been affected by the European and American tide, Korean tide, Japanese tide.Nowadays, more and more young people in China are enthusiastic about “national fashion” and “national style”, and they are eager to wear and use domestic products. This not only reflects the upgrading tide of cultural consumption of the new generation of young people, which has risen from the material level to the spiritual level, but also reflects the process of Chinese culture towards self-confidence.The world is experiencing unprecedented changes in a century, and the automotive industry is also experiencing a great era of change since its birth more than a century ago. 5G, AI, big data, block chain and other technologies are overturning the form of the automotive industry in an all-round way. China’s own brand automobile automobile with years of profound accumulation,With the continuous integration of the world’s most resilient supply chain, industrial chain and innovation chain, it is ushering in a leap from quantitative change to qualitative change.Star tuchaser also achieved no longer with pure stacking configuration way to win consumers, but let users enjoy a higher or even superior driving quality.