She is a tombstone designer and these experiences are moving

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Sometimes,A tombstone zhang can interpret a person’s life is the one of wanan cemetery tombstone stylist zhang said tomb twenty years is a kind of bailment “the living through grief at the dead we miss we help them complete the final wish” left left left Zhang Luzeng tombstone designs to the designer south RenDong eye “these feats (characters) at the beginning for usIs a name, a picture of families through the description of their image gradually plump up “delta south RenDong after many modifications zhang lu, south RenDong tombstone theme would be a” watch “tombstone engraved with a south RenDong stood up to look down on the hillside the silhouette of the black color symbol highlight deep sky stars above is the south RenDong dedicated his life to write” China eye”According to zhang said she had just hired behind family members often cry later meet special cannot accept families will patiently helped him to relief sentiment “the industry play a role is a bridge to connect the relationship between the living and the dead, we help the living to guard the deceased” delta zhang (left), the tomb-sweeping day today, you are missing who click express grief (source: CCTV news) | editor:Liu Yani | Editor: Liu Xingcun | Supervisor: Liu Yang | Chief Supervisor: Tu Wenkui