Self-built factory cast strict quality control, Weimar car battery pack is reliable

2022-07-17 0 By

Some people have compared the battery pack to the “core” component of new energy vehicles, because the performance of the battery pack can directly affect the driving experience and safety of new energy vehicle users.As an important member of the new force of car manufacturing in China, Weimar has built its own factory and cast strict quality control, and its battery pack performance is trustworthy.As “the representative of hard technology innovation rooted in China”, Weimar Automobile has complete research and development capabilities, design capabilities, supply chain management capabilities and production and manufacturing capabilities. It is the first automobile manufacturing force to build its own industry 4.0 standard factory.From r&d to manufacturing, to external safety design and management system, weimar’s battery pack has been carefully designed.In the battery pack research and development, Weimar automotive always adhere to independent research and development, forward development, to promote the development of battery pack platform.Moreover, weimar also realizes the modular combination of electric cells through the platform of box structure.Weimar automotive has developed a unique “black technology” — thermal management 2.0 system, which can ensure that the battery works stably in the ambient temperature of -30℃ ~ 50℃.In terms of battery pack manufacturing, Weimar automotive has a highly automated battery workshop and a highly flexible AGV automated assembly line.Moreover, the high quality of THE battery pack is worthy of affirmation, which can meet the IP68 waterproof and dustproof standard. Meanwhile, the battery pack has successfully passed 66 rigorous tests.In terms of external safety design of the battery pack, Weimar automotive has designed a strong case for the battery pack using high-strength steel, which can effectively resist the impact of collision and extrusion.780Mpa ultra-high tensile strength steel shell, 3 steam locomotives can not break it.At the same time, in order to monitor the battery in real time, WEimar also designed a BMS battery management system, which can adjust parameters according to the collected information for dynamic and effective management, and extend the service life of the battery pack.To sum up, are enough to see weima car battery pack manufacturing quality, excellent safety performance.We believe that weIMar will bring intelligent, convenient and safe driving experience to more users in the future.