Does the new ping-pong racket tear the film and play directly

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The new table tennis racket can be played directly after tearing the film.When you use the racket, you must tear it off. If you love the racket, you can paste the film back after playing.If you play with a film, the stickiness of the rubber will not be reflected, and the ball will slip when playing, and there is no way to rub.2. The protective film is attached to the rubber of the table tennis racket to prevent the rubber from being oxidized, dustproof and maintain the stickiness of the rubber.3. Table tennis racket is made of what wood is divided into surface material and plate, different wood has different elasticity, deformation degree, bending coefficient, different materials produced by the bottom elasticity and feel is not the same.The International Table Tennis Federation has regulations, a table tennis floor wood content must be more than 85%.The boards used to make table tennis racket generally include Ayusi, hinoki, Linba and Kou.Table tennis originated in Britain in the late 19th century. Several British naval officers stationed in India found it exciting to play tennis on a small table.Later, they used hollow rubber balls instead of elastic solid balls and wooden boards instead of rackets to play this novel game on tables