Spring Festival folk saying: the twelfth lunar month 25, make bean curd!Why “tofu”?

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Record rural life, write “three rural” issues, uncovering social focus!Thanks for your attention!December 25, make tofu mill minor cold major cold, another year!The Spring Festival is the end of the winter and the coming of spring.As the Spring Festival approaches, the number of returnees is increasing and people begin to make preparations for it, mostly according to folk customs.There are folk proverbs about folk customs: 23, sugar melon sticky;Twenty-four, sweep the house;Twenty-five, make tofu;Twenty-six, cook the meat and so on.And these folk proverbs how to come, why do so, in fact, have a particular.Today is the 25th day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar.Why is this day to make tofu?Why not make dumplings and steamed buns?What does it say?”Tofu” according to legend was invented, huainan Wang Liuan huai nun tzu is said to have mother like to eat beans, but because there is a parent because of illness, can’t eat the whole grain of soybean, and huai nun tzu had beans ground into flour, and because of powder is too dry, then into some water boil into soymilk, afraid of taste is very weak, just put some bittern, made the bean curd flower.After eating it, its mother got better, so the process was spread and improved into today’s tofu.And later became one of the indispensable customs of the Spring Festival, mainly because of the simple production process, low price, convenient use of tofu can be raw or hot food, into the dish, but also can be dried in the sun, easy to store and carry, just in line with the Spring Festival when there is no supply.Why do you make tofu on 25th of the 12th month of the Spring Festival?On the 25th day of the 12th month of the Spring Festival, there are several legends about why tofu is made.First, because “tofu” and “du fu” homonym, the Spring Festival is a festival celebrated by thousands of people, we want to go to the old year to welcome the New Year, hope the next year is safe and rich, so for the auspicious words is very particular, all want to get a good fortune, so the Spring Festival every family make tofu, not only in order to eat, but also for “du fu”.Second, we know that the 23rd or 24th month of the twelfth lunar month is known as xiao Nian. On this day, the Kitchen God god says good things, and there is no great god in the world, so you can have no taboos, and the folk can marry more, known as “chaos too old”;And to the twelfth lunar month 25 is after listening to the god of the hearth king reported to the people of the world, the Jade Emperor will personally descend, check the good and evil of the world, and set the next year, so every family moving pictures to pray for blessings, known as “connect the Jade Emperor”.People should be careful in their daily life and speech on this day, and strive for good performance so as to win the favor of the Jade Emperor and bring good health for the coming year.And every family to make tofu, mainly to show that their own clean, no evil.At the same time, it also proves that life is poor and I hope that the Jade Emperor will bless and harvest crops in the coming year.Therefore, whether it is the 25th day of the 12th month of the twelfth lunar month, the beginning of the “chaos tai Sui” or “jade Emperor” can be associated with making tofu, it can be seen that folk customs can be handed down, are closely related to our own life.And the twelfth month 25 in addition to making tofu, jade Emperor, disorderly taisui outside what customs.Zhaotian Silkworm zhaotian silkworm is also known as “burning tian silkworm”, zhaotian silkworm, burning tian CAI, mainly popular in the south of the Yangtze River, in the night of the 25th day of the 12th lunar month, in order to burn the torch in the field of mass activities to pray for the next harvest of rice and silkworm cocoon silk.Some places hold this activity on New Year’s Eve.Jiangnan area of the main agriculture to sericulture, rice, silk fabrics prevailing, so a lot of sacrificial activities to silkworm.For example, the mythological figure Lei Zu, also known as 傫 Zu, Lei Zu or Lei Zu, invented sericulture, which is known as Lei Zu in history. There were many idols among the people used for sacrifice, and people used them to bless themselves and hope to lead a better life.December 25, in the past we will paste Windows, cut window, because after the dust, in order to greet the New Year, for residential dress up, increase the festive atmosphere, and now most of the Windows are glass, paper paste Windows basically withdrew from the historical stage, also in the Soviet Union gradually news.After the 25th day of the 12th lunar month, the taste of the New Year is stronger, especially in rural areas, firecrackers sound non-stop, marriages increase, lanterns and decorations everywhere.However, we can also feel our parents’ aging when we return to our hometown. During the Spring Festival, we have to keep busy making beds and drying blankets for our children, just so that the children can come home and have a happy holiday.