Liaoning province has made regular efforts to crack down on tax fraud

2022-07-16 0 By

Reporter Huang Yan reported a few days ago, the provincial procuratorate and the provincial court, the provincial public security department held a joint meeting, the implementation of the regular fight against false tax fraud and criminal work, through the unification of judicial understanding, improve the quality and efficiency of investigation, prosecution, trial work, precision attack on false VAT special invoice crime.Since the launch of the special campaign against false tax fraud, the procuratorial organs of the province have approved the arrest of more than 300 tax-related criminal cases involving more than 800 people, and prosecuted more than 400 cases involving more than 1,000 people, of which false tax fraud cases accounted for about 70%.In their work, all units paid close attention to the situation of tax fraud crimes, promptly solved the issues of case jurisdiction, standards of evidence and application of law, unified the standards of conviction and sentencing for tax-related crimes, promptly investigated and dealt with related crimes, and successfully concluded and sentenced a number of major cases.According to statistics, the number of cases of falsely issuing value-added tax invoices, defrauding export tax rebates and deducting tax invoices in the province increased by about 20% compared with before the launch of the special campaign.The number of prosecutions has increased by about 30% compared with before the launch of the campaign.Generally speaking, the high-pressure situation of the criminal crackdown on tax-related crimes in our province has been formed.Punishing crime is more an end than a means.As a field prone to fraud, tax fraud and crime, waste materials recycling industry has always been the focus of criminal crackdown.Through the punishment of the crime occurred in the waste materials recycling industry, so that enterprises in the industry of false tax fraud are punished, forcing the waste materials recycling industry to improve self-regulation, so that enterprises that are really conducive to improving the level of resource recycling in Our country become bigger and stronger.At the same time, we will adhere to the judicial philosophy of “fewer arrests, careful prosecution and careful custody”, carefully select compulsory measures, do a good job in compliance inspection of the enterprises involved, try our best to ensure the normal operation of the enterprises involved, and prevent and resolve risks and hidden dangers affecting the smooth operation of the economy from the source.Unifying judicial understanding through joint conference mechanism, giving full play to judicial functions and purifying the environment of tax collection and management by criminal means are of great significance for maintaining national tax security, and also conducive to the construction of business environment governed by law and the healthy development of enterprises in Our province.