Guangxi Pingguo Bainong, Guangxi Pingguo Ha Liao and Guangxi Lanhang issued the notice of trial training of the new season

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Around the Spring Festival, three Guangxi football clubs competing in major competitions inside and outside the region issued trial training notices for the new season in preparation for the 2022 season.On January 11, Guangxi Pingguo Crackers Football Club issued the notice of trial training for guangxi Pingguo Crackers football Club to prepare for the new season, to prepare for the 2022 Chinese League.On February 2nd, guangxi Pingguo Baiyi Football Club released the “Trial Notice on Guangxi Pingguo Baiyi Club’s preparation for the new season”, recruiting excellent players to compete in the 2022 Women’s League.On February 8th, guangxi Lanhang Football Club released the announcement of guangxi Lanhang Football Club’s trial training for the new season. The champions of the Guangxi Super League last season recruited, hoping to achieve good results in the Guangxi Super League and make another attack on the Second League through the Chinese Champions League.(on the pre-season tour of guangxi pingguo ha liao club trial notice) (” about guangxi pingguo bai notice in accordance with the club for the new season of trial) (on the blue navigation in guangxi football club in preparation for the announcement of new season trial) last season, guangxi pingguo bai nong female b championship at success, to create the history of guangxi football;Guangxi Pingguo Liao won the third place in the second league and finished the 27-year waiting of guangxi football people.Guangxi Lanhang beat all the other teams to win the first guangxi Super championship for Laibin city, and qualified for the group of the champion region, and played a close match with Hubei Huachuang, which was the final champion of the second, proving the strength of Guangxi football in the semi-professional field.We wish guangxi Pingguo Ha liao, Guangxi Pingguo Bai Nong in the professional field of China a, women’s a good achievement, win glory for Guangxi!At the same time, I wish Guangxi Lanhang chong b success!(Guangxi Pingguo Ha Liao men’s football team won the third place in the second league through the play-off, which ended the 27 years of waiting for guangxi football people!)(Guangxi Pingguo Bainong Women’s football team won the women’s second champion chong A success, creating the history of Guangxi football!)(blue navigation for guangxi laibin, winning the first GuiChao district and champions league match team line) (data according to the, credit: guangxi pingguo bai nong football club, guangxi, guangxi pingguo ha yueren football club blue navigation football club, yao material, finishing editing: yao wu are studio) around yao wu premises studio, believe that the power of the image, focus on record in guangxi football 15 years!